About us

About us

Alteryx is dedicated to creating business intelligence (BI) technology that lets users easily invent smart and extensible software applications to solve data analysis problems and make decisions. We seek to inspire ingenuity in our customers and associates by bringing freedom, flexibility and creativity to insightful data management tools.

Our company

Alteryx has a proven track record of empowering analysts to answer critical questions for their companies.


Our seasoned management team has decades of experience in helping organizations and users achieve their goals through the use of business analytics platforms.


Alteryx partners include industry-leading technology vendors, marketing service providers, system integrators, and some of the world's largest content providers.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has a strong, balanced blend of skills and experience offering guidance in core areas of agile business intelligence important to Alteryx.


Alteryx provides a stimulating business culture, and has its headquarters in Irvine, California, and a Technology Center in Boulder, Colorado. Our sales offices include Irvine, Chicago, Dallas, New York and Toronto, Canada.

Press releases

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Alteryx is building integrated academic and research initiatives through universities, internship programs, educational grant programs and graduate hiring opportunities.

In the news

Alteryx Strategic Analytics disrupts the failing BI status quo to put decision makers in the driver's seat for deploying their best practices. Follow the stories of our data artisan community.