Approachable Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Alteryx Designer: Approachable Predictive Analytics

Traditional and legacy predictive analytics are based on complex, difficult to use approaches that are mostly inaccessible to data analysts. Tools like those from SAS Institute are too slow, too complex, and too costly for every analysts to use.

Alteryx makes predictive analytics accessible to every analyst by providing an intuitive workflow that delivers the data blending and data preparation capabilities required for predictive analytics, along with drag and drop tools to create a model – with no programming required.

The Alteryx Designer includes:

  • Over 30 drag and drop predictive tools: all based on the R language
  • A zero black box analytics policy: every tool and model can be viewed and modified
  • Data preparation, sampling, and grouping tools for predictive analytics
  • R-based analytics with the ability to delivery enterprise scale R through the integration of Revolution Analytics capabilities
  • Support for in-database, in-Hadoop, or server-based predictive processing
  • Data processing technology that is dramatically faster and more efficient than legacy tools such as SAS
  • A drag and drop visual workflow: no programming required

Predictive analytics deliver rapid business value across industries

Predictive analytics can be used across a wide range of industries, and in a variety of use cases, to help steer more informed decisions and deliver rapid business value. Some of the most common uses relate to customer analytics and insight, such as understanding which products customers are most likely to purchase in combination, identifying the right audience or segment to target with a marketing campaign, determining in advance whether or not a prospect or customer is likely to commit fraud, or reducing the amount of churn within your customer base.

The Alteryx Analytics platform delivers:

  • Accessible predictive analysis for business analysts and decision makers through prepackaged predictive tools that eliminate the need for statistical programming or complex coding.
  • Flexible predictive tools for users familiar with the R programming language, by accessing underlying R based scripts or incorporating their own R algorithms into the platform.
  • Scalable predictive models for handling large amounts of data through integration with Revolution R Enterprise.

Analytic App:

View this example cloud-based analytic application in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery:
Predictive Inventory Analysis App