Intuitive Spatial Analytics

Spatial Analytics

Alteryx Designer: Intuitive Spatial Analytics

Spatial analytics has been the preserve of a small number of expert users who could not scale to the needs of their organization. It took too long to prepare data for spatial analysis and then required highly specific tools to include any type of deep spatial insight. However, with the growth of Big Data, mobile consumers, and marketing channels such as social media, spatial analysis is becoming a core requirement for many analysts.

Alteryx makes spatial analytics scale by providing an intuitive workflow that includes data blending and advanced spatial analytics. Analysts can rapidly prepare spatial data (with capabilities such as geocoding, cleansing, and blending) and then deliver critical spatial insight such as trade areas, drives times, and mapping. Additionally, deeper insight can be added through the predictive analytics in the context of spatial data, all within the same workflow.

This insight can be shared with third party tools such as Tableau, ESRI or MapInfo for map or map layer specific visualization.

The Alteryx Designer includes:

  • Industry leading access to spatial data sources
  • Custom connection tools to sources such as Map Inputs, ESRI files, MapInfo files or spatial databases
  • Spatial tools that enable analysis using techniques such as drive time, trade area, spatial matching and point creation
  • Data processing technology for spatial analysis that is dramatically faster and more efficient than legacy solutions such as SAS
  • The ability to use the separately licensed packaged spatial and consumer data options
  • A drag and drop visual workflow - no programming required