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The Power of Predictive Analytics

The power to predict future business conditions and know customers' wants and needs is a huge asset for any business leader. While traditional BI can provide useful historical information, and modern dashboards can provide alerts and real-time monitoring, the ability to be forward-looking with these tools is limited. Predictive analytics fills this gap by allowing users to operate based on historical and current information and predict the likely future environment using the statistical R language and other methodologies. These insights allow better-informed decision making and improved results.

Alteryx at AMA 2015 Analytics with Purpose: Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight

Increasing competition and multitude of choices have made winning and retaining customers more difficult than ever before. Savvy marketers understand that the answers to their most pressing questions such as "who to target" or "which products to target with" lie within their data. However, with customer and marketing data spread across various systems, in different incompatible formats, it is not so easy to derive meaningful insights from the data in a timely manner.

American Marketing Association's analytics conference of the year, AMA 2015 Analytics with Purpose conference brings industry's top analytical minds together to share the latest innovations in data accessing, compiling, and analysis to help marketers accelerate their goals around becoming more data-driven. And Alteryx is right there to support!

Alteryx Repeats as ‘Visionary’ in the Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms

As organizations of all sizes drive themselves to become more data driven, Alteryx is fueling the disruption in the analytics market through self-service data blending and analytics. Big Data landed in Hadoop has been a big focus for IT the last few years. As more of this data becomes available for analytic users, the new generation of self-service data discovery, exploration and visualization products are replacing the tools of yesteryear. Traditional BI and analytic processes are being disrupted by business users and data analysts who are the analytical agents of change of their organizations. These analysts who bridge the worlds of Big Data and Visual Analysis are the ones we delightfully serve.

Alteryx Analytics and Excel: A Recipe for Success

Our new "cookbook" series describes the struggles analysts face in certain industries or with certain tools, and illustrates a step-by-step "recipe" to use Alteryx to solve these specific problems or needs. Today we are introducing our second cookbook, “7 Steps to Successful Data Blending for Excel”.

Alteryx Positioned as a “Visionary” in 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms

Over the past couple of years we have witnessed a massive shift in the way analytics are being used in organizations. Analytics is evolving from a 'nice-to-have' used by the few, to the oxygen that fuels the many. The challenge is a lack of capable resources including data scientists that required organizations to be limited in deploying analytical insights into their organizations.

Thankfully, the market has demanded the incorporation of advanced analytics into day-to-day decision-making. Instead of time-consuming processes and complex coding to achieve business insight; organizations are increasingly turning to a resource within their line of business: the data analyst. Equipped with deep business knowledge and understanding of the data, line-of-business analysts can use easy, yet powerful tools to quickly deliver real business insights.

Data Analysts to Discuss Analytic Independence at Inspire 2015

Data analysts are the emerging rock stars of business — the people senior leaders turn to for data-driven insight. That's why we're devoting an entire track at the Inspire 2015 conference to discuss the real world experiences of data analysts from Alteryx customers. Attend these sessions and you'll hear best practices and case studies, get insider tips and tricks, and network with the data analysts at the forefront of the self-service data blending and advanced analytics movement.

Here's a glimpse into several can't miss sessions on the Data Analyst Track:

Data Preparation for Qlik: Measure Twice Cut Once

How many times have you heard that preparing for a task is almost as important as the task itself? In our rapidly evolving world of business analytics, often the data preparation takes a lot more time than the analysis. Business and Data Analysts spend weeks preparing, cleansing, and tweaking their datasets. Would you like to change that? If you are a business analyst today running triage on a steady volume of requests for strategic analytics including visual analytics or Qlik Analytics across your organization – how do you spend your time? Would you prefer to spend your time stuck in the mundane steps of tweaking excel sheets,  importing .csv files, battling with your IT group to create the right data exports? OR would you actually like to get the time to do the analysis and provide the “business intelligence” for which your department might be named and your academic or work experience prepared you to do?

Preparing Your Data for Qlik®

Organizations are finding that using Alteryx and Qlik together empowers business analysts with the ability to provide deep analytical insights and quickly deliver answers from data that drives innovative decision making.

Inspire 2015 Has Been Extended (and so has Early Bird Pricing)

Our Inspire 2015 planning team has been busy performing some analytics of our own to help make this year's conference even better. We already knew that Inspire attendance has been increasing dramatically every year, and that's why when we were planning Inspire 2015 last fall we added more product training. But even with the added classes and capacity, Inspire training is booking up faster than ever before.

We also learned that attendees like to save money on registration (imagine that). That's why we saw a surge in registrations over the weekend due to the expiration of Early Bird pricing.

6 Steps to Faster Data Blending for Tableau

Today we released a new guide – 6 Steps to Faster Data Blending for Tableau. This is the first in our new cookbook series, which is a series of How To guides. In this series you will see first-hand how to use Alteryx step-by-step to solve specific problems.

As data analysts use Tableau to visualize data, they have to deal with increasing volumes of data, and the complexity of their data. This forces analysts to spend days dealing with:


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