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Get Back In the Saddle and Dream On at the House of Blues

Inspire 2015 Gala Party Tuesday, May 19th, 5:30 – 9:00 House of Blues, Boston

Tuesday night's Inspire 2015 Gala party is where you'll find yourself between rock and a great place, listening to Aerosmith classics at the House of Blues in Boston. Tunes will be provided by Draw the Line, the Aerosmith tribute band.

Who’s the Best Alteryx User? Nominate Yourself for the Alteryx Grand Prix

You've been tuning your Alteryx skills all year, using data blending and advanced analytics to drive insight across your company. Are you ready to prove that you are the best Alteryx user? If so, get ready for the Alteryx Grand Prix competition, Monday, May 18th at Inspire 2015 in Boston.

The Alteryx Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated events of Inspire 2015. During this head-to-head data-driven race competition, the world's best Alteryx users compete against each other in an analytics race to solve business problems that they must answer faster (or better) than their competitors while using Alteryx Designer.

A Recipe for Success: Self-Service Data Preparation for Qlik®

Alteryx Addresses the Speed Challenge for Faster Data Preparation for Qlik

Alteryx makes it easy to gather and prepare multiple data sources in a single intuitive workflow, with no programming required. Users can work with data within existing systems, and blend it with data from cloud apps, Excel, social media apps, Big Data platforms like Hadoop, and more.

It means that users can create the ideal dataset for their needs without relying on others. Alteryx's data preparation can also be automated, freeing up time so users can focus on creating compelling visualizations in Qlik Sense and powerful guided analytics applications in QlikView.

Key Takeaways from AMA 2015 Analytics with Purpose Conference

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the best analytic minds in marketing and listening to their stories of analytic wins and losses last week in American Marketing Association's analytics conference of the year, AMA 2015 Analytics with Purpose. As marketers from companies like The Charles Schwab Corporation, Wells Fargo, Procter & Gamble, Tesco, The North Face and more, shared their experiences of what worked versus not, certain messages were consistent.

Alteryx Platinum Sponsor of Tableau 9.0 Roadshow

This week we are pleased to kick-off our platinum sponsorship of the Tableau 9.0 Roadshow. Alteryx will show how our Data Blending and Advanced Analytics are being used by over 200 joint Tableau/Alteryx customers to get the perfect dataset faster. You can find out more about how these customers are benefiting on our Tableau page, which is full of customer testimonials and demos.

Finding Truth: Using Alteryx and Qlik for Agile Spatial Analytics

There's no question that spatial data can add a powerful dimension of context to traditional and big data analytics. It provides the proverbial 'where' of the business transaction. But like any data type, the value of spatial data is greatly reduced if the answers it provides aren't timely, visual, and actionable in ways that allow for new lines of thought to be quickly explored.

With next-generation platforms like Alteryx and Qlik®, the full power of spatial analytics is easily available to the line-of-business users who understand the questions best. Now that Alteryx's spatial analytics can easily integrate with Qlik applications, companies will have access to deeper geospatial insights faster.

Spatial Analytics Offers a New Dimension of Business Insight

The Power of Predictive Analytics

The power to predict future business conditions and know customers' wants and needs is a huge asset for any business leader. While traditional BI can provide useful historical information, and modern dashboards can provide alerts and real-time monitoring, the ability to be forward-looking with these tools is limited. Predictive analytics fills this gap by allowing users to operate based on historical and current information and predict the likely future environment using the statistical R language and other methodologies. These insights allow better-informed decision making and improved results.

Alteryx at AMA 2015 Analytics with Purpose: Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight

Increasing competition and multitude of choices have made winning and retaining customers more difficult than ever before. Savvy marketers understand that the answers to their most pressing questions such as "who to target" or "which products to target with" lie within their data. However, with customer and marketing data spread across various systems, in different incompatible formats, it is not so easy to derive meaningful insights from the data in a timely manner.

American Marketing Association's analytics conference of the year, AMA 2015 Analytics with Purpose conference brings industry's top analytical minds together to share the latest innovations in data accessing, compiling, and analysis to help marketers accelerate their goals around becoming more data-driven. And Alteryx is right there to support!

Alteryx Repeats as ‘Visionary’ in the Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms

As organizations of all sizes drive themselves to become more data driven, Alteryx is fueling the disruption in the analytics market through self-service data blending and analytics. Big Data landed in Hadoop has been a big focus for IT the last few years. As more of this data becomes available for analytic users, the new generation of self-service data discovery, exploration and visualization products are replacing the tools of yesteryear. Traditional BI and analytic processes are being disrupted by business users and data analysts who are the analytical agents of change of their organizations. These analysts who bridge the worlds of Big Data and Visual Analysis are the ones we delightfully serve.

Alteryx Analytics and Excel: A Recipe for Success

Our new "cookbook" series describes the struggles analysts face in certain industries or with certain tools, and illustrates a step-by-step "recipe" to use Alteryx to solve these specific problems or needs. Today we are introducing our second cookbook, “7 Steps to Successful Data Blending for Excel”.


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