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2015 Data Blending and Advanced Analytics Predictions

We've reached the last month of 2014 and it has been an incredible year for our customers, and for Alteryx. In the past year over 500 new organizations have started to use Alteryx, we have added a lot of new employees (still hiring more!), and released some incredible software.

Registration is Now Open for Inspire 2015 – Join Alteryx in Boston for Analytic Independence

Registration is now open for next year's most inspirational and educational analytics conference of the year: Inspire 2015. The theme for the conference is Analytic Independence, which recognizes and celebrates that the power of data blending and advanced analytics is now in the hands of the data analysts – the people who know the data best, and who want to work without hindrance or restraint to create the dataset they need to answer the big business questions.

Alteryx at the Qlik Conference #Qlik14 – Data Blending, Advanced Analytics and Data Discovery

Today is the last day of the Qlik Customer Conference. The Alteryx team here in Orlando met a lot of great companies that are using Qlik for data discovery, and are now interested in Alteryx for more data blending and more advanced analytics.

We had come great conversations and handed out the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for QlikView® and Qlik® Sense. Alteryx also gave away iPads to a number of people at the show.

BIPB, Alteryx and the Visual Analytics Kit for Qlik

After Alteryx announced a partnership with Qlik, our consultants at BIPB set out to prove integration between Alteryx and QlikView. The Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Tableau was already a huge success, so we only needed to build out the corresponding kit for QlikView to achieve the goal. This meant building nine marketable QV dashboards utilizing the same underlying data. It was a fun challenge to meet aesthetic expectations set by the initial release, but it worked quite nicely!

Understanding Data Blending – Lessons from Data Blending for Dummies

As we continue the discussion around the Alteryx release of Data Blending For Dummies®, Alteryx Special Edition booklet through Wiley publishing, we examine chapter three to really understand what the building blocks of data blending are. This chapter discusses the most critical steps in data blending, as well as how it helps the analyst and ultimately the business. Most data analysts follow a structure of methodology when performing their analysis. That methodology starts with getting access to the data.

Data Blending for Dummies: Understanding Data Blending

Last week Alteryx released the Data Blending For Dummies®, Alteryx Special Edition booklet through Wiley publishing to help analysts and organizations better understand data blending or data preparation. The core of this book is about understanding what the benefits of data blending are and how they can have an impact on an organization's analytical process. Specifically if we take a look at chapter two, it explains how data blending can help with the challenges of data, how it supports today's business analytics needs, and how data blending is different than data integration.

Customer Analytics with Cineplex Entertainment

In my last blog, Five Things to Keep Top of Mind from Dreamforce 2014, one of the topics mentioned was related to customer analytics. More specifically, the idea that leveraging analytics to create stronger, longer lasting relationships with your customers is no longer a nice to have, it's a must have. Reason being, customers' expectations for a better experience continue to rise.

Simplifying Analtyics: Data Blending for Dummies

Today Alteryx released a Data Blending For Dummies®, Alteryx Special Edition booklet through Wiley publishing to help analysts and organizations understand what data blending is and how it can have an impact on their analytical process. This book focuses on these analysts and organizations that are still relying on traditional approaches to building analytical datasets.

Analytics Q&A Session with Sager Creek: Analytics Is Driving Deeper Insight at Sager Creek

Last week I presented a webinar with Matthew Hughes and Daniel Boyce of Sager Creek Vegetable Company. Sager Creek is a growing canned vegetable company out of Arkansas that supports numerous brands through great-tasting, affordable and high-quality canned vegetables. Below I’ve included the Q&A from the end of the session. You can watch the webinar recording here, and you can download the slide deck here.

I hope you enjoy this great session, and that you’ll give us feedback below in the comments.

Dunkin’ Donuts: Driving Market Planning with Alteryx Analytics

Hope you found last week’s blog on Deep Root Analytics insightful regarding how political companies and issue groups are leveraging Big Data and Advanced Analytics to change traditional voter targeting and media/advertising buying.

This week, I would like to share with you the story of Dunkin’ Brands, one of the world's leading franchisors of quick service restaurants (QSR), and the company behind Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins brands.


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