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Carpe Diem (roughly translated: Inspire 2015 early bird discounts end February 1st)

As we roar into 2015 one thing is certain: Time is flying! That's why I want to remind you that the early bird discount deadline for Alteryx Inspire 2015 is fast-approaching. By taking advantage of this early bird rate of $650, you'll save nearly $250 off the standard rate and guarantee your place in the training classes you want. This is an important point. Think back to college when you might have dragged your feet on registration, only to discover the courses you wanted were full.

This year, we're offering twice as much Alteryx product training as there was in 2014, including a wider variety of sessions. All training, workshops, and special sessions at Inspire 2015 are included with early bird pricing. However, even with these additional sessions, I can tell you from experience, they will fill up fast.

3 Key Takeaways from NRF 2015

NRF 2015, like any other year, was exhilarating, complete with flashing displays, huge multi-story booths and thought-provoking discussions. With global retail contingent, hundreds of vendors and 30,000+ attendees in one location, it is difficult for any one message or vendor to stand out. But despite the size of the show and the flurry of activity, certain things made impression. Some were momentary attention grabbers like a 3D pen that extruded plastic allowing you to draw/create products, or camera in a necklace; others more substantive.

Here are 3 key messages/ trends that stuck with me:

1. In the race to analytics, the winners will be ones that master data blending.

New Excel Reader and Writer

The release of Alteryx Analytics 9.5 brings many exciting new features to our users, including the ability to further empower data analysts by reading from and writing to various data sources. Of course, not all of these data sources see equal amounts of usage. In a customer survey last fall, over half of our customers reported Excel as one of the sources of data they require for data blending.

Accelerate the Alteryx Analytics Experience: One-Tool Examples

Alteryx Designer 9.5 includes example workflows that focus on the use and configuration for each tool in the Favorites category. Because these examples explain the use of one tool at a time, we refer to them as "One-Tool Examples."

To open a One-Tool Example, go to the Tool Palette, click on any tool in the Favorites category to open its tool-tip, and then click the 'Open Example" link.

Here is an image of the One-Tool Example for the Sort Tool:

Sharing Workflows and Macros in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery

Thousands of analysts use the Alteryx Analytics Gallery to publish, run and share analytic apps, giving them an easy way to deploy the analytics that they have produced and make them available for consumption by a larger audience through a web-based platform.

Alteryx Analytics 9.5 Introduces In-database Tools for Data Blending

In-database capabilities were first discussed at Inspire 2014. Later in August, Ned Harding, Alteryx CTO, shared the LockIn research project. Today, I'm happy to announce the availability of in-database tools as part of Alteryx Analytics 9.5! This new feature takes Alteryx value to the next level as tested and confirmed by the positive feedback we got from Beta customers:

"I am blown away… You have definitely gone to the next level. 9.1 took 5 minutes and used over 4 GB of memory on my side and 9.5 took 8 seconds and only used less than 1 MB!" Alteryx 9.5 Beta Program Customer

Alteryx Analytics 9.5: Accelerating Analytic Insight

I am very excited about today’s release of Alteryx Analytics 9.5. At Alteryx our goal is to empower analysts with the tools they need to make their jobs easier and free them from the reliance on IT and others within their organization. This release does this through additional data blending capabilities as well as improvements to existing functionality to help accelerate analytic insight. Register for the upcoming "Release 9.5" Webinar on January 29 to see it live. In the meantime here is a brief overview of some of the highlights of this release.

Alteryx Analytics Survey Results: Lack of Data Blending is Costing Time and Money

Alteryx recently surveyed hundreds of data analysts and business leaders across multiple industries on how they leverage their data. The survey uncovered that not having the right data for analytics can cause a material impact on organizational success. There were a lot of other interesting statistics, so we have created a visual whitepaper to highlight the business impacts and areas that analysts struggle when it comes to analytics.

From the Back Room to the Boardroom: Hilary Mason Embodies a New Breed of Data Analysts

Not long ago, data analysts used to be the numbers geeks hidden within their organization who quietly culled data. No one doubted their intellect, but few in the organization really understood what data analysts did, or what value they really contributed.

The role of the data analyst has changed dramatically. Today, data analysts are on a first-name basis with senior management and are key players in the organization. Why? They have the powerful ability to identify the key trends that give their organizations greater insights into their customers and market opportunities.

Alteryx at NRF 2015: Fueling Retail Transformation with Big Data Analytics

With a successful holiday season behind, retailers are looking forward to kick-starting the New Year with innovative ideas and better, faster insights at NRF 2015, Retail's Big Show. And Alteryx is right there to support – Booth #2443.

In our third consecutive year at the show, we are upping our commitment to the retail industry, bringing you two Big !deas sessions with analytics experts from The Fresh Market, GameStop Corporation, and Rent-A-Center.


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