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Why Data Blending is Critical to Analytics

One of the most significant elements to effective analytics is the ability to incorporate the right data. It is key that data analysts not only incorporate the right data, but also ensure the cleanliness and quality of that data. There have been several reports published that state analysts spend between 60 -80% of their time preparing and getting the data ready for analysis. Many times this doesn’t even account for the amount of time that they wait to get access to the data(if it is possible).

Alteryx Analytics - A New User’s Perspective

As an avid analytics professional with 12 plus years of experience, I was very excited to get my hands on the Alteryx platform and learn the software which promises “intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics”. If you’re an analyst, chances are that like me, you import data from various internal and external systems, then perform your analysis in a tool such as Excel. While this process allows for quick analysis (sometimes), the thought process/transfer of knowledge is lost when complex formulas are utilized to blend and analyze the data. With Alteryx, these setbacks are virtually non-existent. I’ve only been using Alteryx for a short time, but I can already see that it delivers on its promise to make data blending easier, more intuitive, and really takes analytics to the next level.

Analytics: What does it mean to you?

Analytics needs vary depending upon industry, the business problem at hand, and the analytics maturity level of an organization. More than a buzz word that drives engagement, analytics is a proven critical business strategy. Coupled with experience and pure gut instinct, a business leader armed with rational structure, such as accurate and timely information, is unstoppable.

But how does one grow into becoming an analytics driven power house, capable of effectively leveraging advanced analytics? To better understand analytics as a strategic component, let’s consider key drivers and four definitive analytic categories:

Collaborating on the Future of the Retail & CPG Industries with Analytics


Last week we announced that Alteryx is a premier sponsor of the new CROSSMARK Center for Collaboration in Bentonville, AR – right across the street from Walmart headquarters. I had an opportunity to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and see the center firsthand, and it’s every bit as impressive as this video tour illustrates.

Alteryx, Databricks and SparkR News

This week was Spark Summit 2014. An event that doubled in size from the previous summit held only six months ago. This says a lot about the attention and traction Apache Spark has gained in the industry. There was also an entire track was dedicated to applications built on Spark, which means that Spark is out of the labs, making its first steps in the enterprise world as a technology already capable of delivering business value.

Inspiring Alteryx ACEs

As you may have heard Inspire 2014 was an incredible event with over 550 people making the trip to San Diego to attend. One of the biggest announcements we made at Inspire was the introduction of the Alteryx Analytics Certified Expert (ACE) program. This program is intended to honor the best and most excited Alteryx users around the world, by providing them with an elite status (who wouldn’t want to be an ACE?) and platform to share their Alteryx product expertise with others.

Inspire 2014 Product General Session Celebrates the Data Analyst

Alteryx President and COO George Mathew delivered a rousing keynote on Wednesday morning during Inspire 2014 in celebration of the significant contributions being made by data analysts. These analysts have the business skills and data savvy to support the next best decision, and are invaluable to their organizations in driving insights.  I thought it was worth a bit of a recap, now that the buzz of Inspire is starting to settle down. 

Closing out Inspire 2014: Using Data to Change the World

After three days of product training, technology and business leader sessions, the Alteryx Inspire 2014 conference in San Diego ended with a perfect keynote.  The closing speaker for Inspire 2014, Charles Wheelan, is a Senior Lecturer & Policy Fellow at Dartmouth College, as well as the Author of the Bestselling Book “Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data.”  For those who haven’t read “Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data,” Wheelan utilizing the format to make statistics easier to understand by making it more relevant to everyday life or in some cases every day discussions.  People are talking statistics almost every day, and these aren’t even statisticians.

#Inspire14: ROI from Analytics– Customers Talk Value

The second day of Inspire 2014 and the first day Business Leader track was inspiring to say the least. Fantastic keynotes by Alteryx CEO dean Stoecker and Jer Thorp, former Data Artist in Residence at The New York Times and co-founder of The Office for Creative Research, set the tone for the conference focusing not so much on the size of data but more on the value within the data and its applications, be it to improve the bottom-line of a business or improve the lives of the people involved.

Yesterday kicked off the first of two Technology Tracks at Inspire 2014

Yesterday kicked off the first of two Technology Tracks at Inspire 2014. Designed to help you get the most from your analytics, inspired customers and Alteryx associates alike share best practices and how-to’s for solving specific business problems. The highlights included customer experts from Rent-A-Center, Belk, & Delhaize America, spanning topics such as empowering front-line personnel with Alteryx Analytics Gallery apps to customizing market analysis. We also explored methods for engineering practical solutions to solve real-world business issues.

Join us again today to learn tips and tricks from Alteryx product experts, including Laura Sellers, Vice President of Product Management and Dan Putler, the Data Artisan in Residence at Alteryx. If you’re craving the latest and greatest product updates, Wednesday’s line up of Alteryx associates will undoubtedly satisfy by providing superb insights into Alteryx technologies.


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