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Steinhoff International: Managing and Mitigating Risk in Retail Property Portfolio Through Analytics

Hope you enjoyed my last blog, Family Dollar: Using Spatial Analytics Beyond Retail Network Planning.

This week, I’ll share with you the story of Steinhoff International, the world’s second largest furniture retailer, as another example of a retailer making innovative use of retail analytics to drive decisions.

Steinhoff International is an integrated retailer that manufactures, sources, and retails furniture and household goods in Europe, Africa and Australia. The company uses Alteryx in its UK division to manage a portfolio of 400 retail properties.

Sudhoff Properties: Data Blending Multiple Listing Service Data with Other Data to Get a Real Estate Market Advantage

Everyone knows the old adage, time is money. This couldn’t be truer for those vying for an advantage in the highly competitive real estate market. For Sudhoff Properties, a premier new home residential sales and marketing firm in Houston, this saying is more than a common expression, it’s a cornerstone to their business model. Using Alteryx, Sudhoff Properties capitalizes on creating comprehensive views of key markets using data blending within minutes, instead of hours. Frequent updates to their value model enables them to move quickly on potential deals and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Verizon Wireless: Using Handset Analytics to Optimize Network Quality

I have spent my entire professional career involved one way or another in the communications industry – first with a service provider (NYNEX, now Verizon), then with an optical networking hardware provider (Fujitsu Network Communications), and now with an analytics software company (Alteryx). So, I was really looking forward to the presentation at our recent Inspire conference by Aaron Agostini, Systems Engineer at Verizon Wireless.

Family Dollar: Using Spatial Analytics Beyond Retail Network Planning

In my last blog, CROSSMARK: Changing Retailing Through Analytics, I had mentioned to you that in the next few weeks, I’ll bring you a few customer stories that have stayed with me based on their innovative use of analytics.

Family Dollar is one such customer. I can’t imagine you not knowing about Family Dollar considering the company has been in so much news in last few months with both Dollar Tree and Dollar General trying to woo the company for a merger. However, for those who haven’t heard of the company, Family Dollar is a variety store chain, the second-largest price point retailer in the U.S. with over 8,000 stores.

Five Things Worth Knowing This Week

Pressed for time and wondering how to catch up on things in the data and analytics world? Look no further – here are five things worth knowing this week:

1. Combined miles travelled by all Tableau Conference attendees totaled 103,655,115 miles – if this doesn’t impress, check out this Tableau rendering titled #Data14 Attendees Origin/Destination Matrix, created by Allan Walker, using Tableau, Mapbox, Alteryx, & ESRI – now that’s cool!


Novus Media: Improving Media Planning Using Alteryx Analytics

Scott Tonjes, Director of IT at Novus Media, discusses their use of Alteryx analytics for data blending in this video.

Scott Tonjes is the Director of IT at Novus Media where he manages a team that utilizes Alteryx for media planning. By replacing a lot of the processes they did in Excel with Alteryx, they can take newspaper circulation data and blend it with household or demographic data they get from Alteryx to help clients make better, more cost-effective decisions on newspaper ad placements. In addition, it allows them to do trending and tracking, as well as costs and actuals, of the advertisements which are reported back to their clients.

The Data Driven Advantage: Optimizing Marketing Effectiveness using Alteryx and Tableau

Today’s CMOs have more complex responsibilities than ever before, tasked with connecting with and engaging customers across a variety of channels. CMOs simultaneously need to be financial managers, be able to hold their own with the digerati crowd, and flex their data science muscle. Complicating the status quo, customers are more connected, empowered, and savvy than they have ever been before. CMOs must design products and experiences that create personal and authentic customer relationships, which will separate their organizations from those that fail to adopt fast enough. The landscape has dramatically changed: the customer is king.

Werner Enterprises: Creating an Analytics Culture

“The big value we see with Alteryx is the ability to prototype something out quickly and deliver something quickly to our customers; getting the velocity there from the time the question is asked to the time you deliver something to them has been reduced tremendously.” - Chip Duden, VP of Business Analytics, Werner Enterprises

One of the more popular sessions at our recent Inspire 2014 conference was an executive panel about what it takes to create a data-driven analytics culture. Chip Duden, VP of Business Analytics at Werner Enterprises, was one of the three customers on that panel, and he provided some great insight into how Werner encourages data-driven thinking and has expanded the use of analytics across their enterprise.

5 Analytic Must Haves for Midsize Retailers

Retailing has changed. Not only is the customer more powerful and has more choices, but the speed of retail has also changed. Decisions are more complex, need to be taken faster, and must incorporate not only internal organizational data about customer behavior, purchase history and supply constraints; but also external data about competition, population movements, geo-spatial trends and more.

Retailers, especially the larger ones, have handled the change by becoming more data and analytics savvy. They employ all kinds of sophisticated analytics to better understand their customers, operations and competition, becoming more sophisticated in the way they market and merchandise; reaching customers with precise, targeted communications and optimal merchandise mix. The result: they have increasingly become the de-facto shopping destinations for most consumers.

Tableau Conference in Seattle

What a year it’s been since the last Tableau Conference in DC. Walking into this year's Tableau conference in Seattle (#data14), I was reflecting on the immense growth we’ve seen in our partner community, many of which heard about Alteryx just a year ago. Not only have we added more than 50 reseller partners in the past year worldwide, but many partners have seen significant traction selling Alteryx with Tableau resulting in hundreds of new customers. Moreover our partners are building amazing things with Alteryx for Tableau, making the combination of the two products even more useful.


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