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Simplifying Analtyics: Data Blending for Dummies

Today Alteryx released a Data Blending For Dummies®, Alteryx Special Edition booklet through Wiley publishing to help analysts and organizations understand what data blending is and how it can have an impact on their analytical process. This book focuses on these analysts and organizations that are still relying on traditional approaches to building analytical datasets.

Analytics Q&A Session with Sager Creek: Analytics Is Driving Deeper Insight at Sager Creek

Last week I presented a webinar with Matthew Hughes and Daniel Boyce of Sager Creek Vegetable Company. Sager Creek is a growing canned vegetable company out of Arkansas that supports numerous brands through great-tasting, affordable and high-quality canned vegetables. Below I’ve included the Q&A from the end of the session. You can watch the webinar recording here, and you can download the slide deck here.

I hope you enjoy this great session, and that you’ll give us feedback below in the comments.

Dunkin’ Donuts: Driving Market Planning with Alteryx Analytics

Hope you found last week’s blog on Deep Root Analytics insightful regarding how political companies and issue groups are leveraging Big Data and Advanced Analytics to change traditional voter targeting and media/advertising buying.

This week, I would like to share with you the story of Dunkin’ Brands, one of the world's leading franchisors of quick service restaurants (QSR), and the company behind Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins brands.

Five Things to Keep Top of Mind from Dreamforce 2014

If the massive turnout for the Tuesday afternoon keynote at Dreamforce 2014 – 145,000 on-site attendees and more than 5 million online viewers – is any indication of the significance of information shared, surely it’s no surprise that I’m still sorting through session and conversation notes to surface those insights that matter most. As a first-time Dreamforce attendee passionate about analytics and technology, here are five things I plan to keep top of mind:

Inspire 2015: Call for Speakers is Now Open

I love talking to customers about the diverse set of use cases they use Alteryx for, and how it’s helped them generate deeper business insights in a fraction of the time they used to spend with legacy tools and manual workarounds. We have captured many of these stories as case studies, testimonial videos, or webinars, but we also feature dozens of case studies at our annual Alteryx user conference, Inspire.

Visualise Your World – Alteryx Analytics

Alteryx is a gold sponsor at the Qlik Visualise Your World (#VizYourWorld) events happening today and tomorrow in London. Our session was packed, with a great response afterwards – and many visitors coming to the Alteryx booth to pick up USB's with the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Qlik.  In the kit, users find ways to prepare their data for Qlik faster, and to incorporate advanced analytics, which are driving key business insights, predicting anything from where to put a store, to which customers to mail an offer to.

Making Analytics Good for You: Sager Creek Vegetable Company

On Wednesday I’m hosting a webinar with Matthew Hughes and Dan Boyce of Sager Creek Vegetable Company (Register Now!). They are using Alteryx and Tableau to provide data blending, advanced analytics, dashboarding and storytelling for the business teams across multiple organizations inside of Sager Creek.

This webinar will have something for everyone. For managers, you can hear how Dan and Matthew manage what kind of analytics questions they will engage, how they trade insights for access to more data sources and headcount, and how they manage to ensure quick wins on the front end of each project. For a data analyst, you’ll see how they tackle four analytical areas:

Analytics: Blending All Relevant Data Is Key to Catching a Good WAVE recently announced their arrival into the world of Analytics with their Analytics Cloud offering WAVE. has had a huge impacton how organizations understand their customers, so logically incorporating their expertise into a more impactful world of Customer Analytics does make sense. I fully expect them to become a great source of insight.


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