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Visualise Your World – Alteryx Analytics

Alteryx is a gold sponsor at the Qlik Visualise Your World (#VizYourWorld) events happening today and tomorrow in London. Our session was packed, with a great response afterwards – and many visitors coming to the Alteryx booth to pick up USB's with the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Qlik.  In the kit, users find ways to prepare their data for Qlik faster, and to incorporate advanced analytics, which are driving key business insights, predicting anything from where to put a store, to which customers to mail an offer to.

Making Analytics Good for You: Sager Creek Vegetable Company

On Wednesday I’m hosting a webinar with Matthew Hughes and Dan Boyce of Sager Creek Vegetable Company (Register Now!). They are using Alteryx and Tableau to provide data blending, advanced analytics, dashboarding and storytelling for the business teams across multiple organizations inside of Sager Creek.

This webinar will have something for everyone. For managers, you can hear how Dan and Matthew manage what kind of analytics questions they will engage, how they trade insights for access to more data sources and headcount, and how they manage to ensure quick wins on the front end of each project. For a data analyst, you’ll see how they tackle four analytical areas:

Analytics: Blending All Relevant Data Is Key to Catching a Good WAVE recently announced their arrival into the world of Analytics with their Analytics Cloud offering WAVE. has had a huge impacton how organizations understand their customers, so logically incorporating their expertise into a more impactful world of Customer Analytics does make sense. I fully expect them to become a great source of insight.

Alteryx: Solving for the 2.5 Million Plus Person Opportunity

Over the past year we have seen incredible growth in the demand for our product, with a 200% increase in the number of organizations using Alteryx for Data Blending and Advanced Analytics. But I knew that we could do more - not just because we have big ambitions, but because we recognize that today’s business analysts face huge challenges. While thousands of data analysts around the globe use Alteryx every day to deliver deeper business insights in hours, not the weeks of traditional approaches, the harsh reality is there are over 2.5 million analysts in the world who struggle every day to get the data set they need and to deliver the predictive or spatial analytics their business require. That is why I decided to partner with Insight Venture Partners (and our existing investors SAP Ventures and Toba Capital) to deliver a $60 million investment in Alteryx, and provide some relief for these analysts.

Sudhoff Properties: Data Blending Multiple Listing Service Data with Other Data to Get a Real Estate Market Advantage

Everyone knows the old adage, time is money. This couldn’t be truer for those vying for an advantage in the highly competitive real estate market. For Sudhoff Properties, a premier new home residential sales and marketing firm in Houston, this saying is more than a common expression, it’s a cornerstone to their business model. Using Alteryx, Sudhoff Properties capitalizes on creating comprehensive views of key markets using data blending within minutes, instead of hours. Frequent updates to their value model enables them to move quickly on potential deals and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Verizon Wireless: Using Handset Analytics to Optimize Network Quality

I have spent my entire professional career involved one way or another in the communications industry – first with a service provider (NYNEX, now Verizon), then with an optical networking hardware provider (Fujitsu Network Communications), and now with an analytics software company (Alteryx). So, I was really looking forward to the presentation at our recent Inspire conference by Aaron Agostini, Systems Engineer at Verizon Wireless.

Family Dollar: Using Spatial Analytics Beyond Retail Network Planning

In my last blog, CROSSMARK: Changing Retailing Through Analytics, I had mentioned to you that in the next few weeks, I’ll bring you a few customer stories that have stayed with me based on their innovative use of analytics.

Family Dollar is one such customer. I can’t imagine you not knowing about Family Dollar considering the company has been in so much news in last few months with both Dollar Tree and Dollar General trying to woo the company for a merger. However, for those who haven’t heard of the company, Family Dollar is a variety store chain, the second-largest price point retailer in the U.S. with over 8,000 stores.

Five Things Worth Knowing This Week

Pressed for time and wondering how to catch up on things in the data and analytics world? Look no further – here are five things worth knowing this week:

1. Combined miles travelled by all Tableau Conference attendees totaled 103,655,115 miles – if this doesn’t impress, check out this Tableau rendering titled #Data14 Attendees Origin/Destination Matrix, created by Allan Walker, using Tableau, Mapbox, Alteryx, & ESRI – now that’s cool!



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