Make Sense of Massive Amounts of Data

Big Data Visualization Tools

Today’s business success is driven by data. However, analysts face the challenge of making sense of increasing amounts of Big Data. Analysts are under pressure to turn Big Data into actionable insights to help make faster strategic decisions, improve customer engagement, and speed up process performance.

Alteryx streamlines and simplifies the analysis of Big Data through a workflow environment that delivers the analysis needed to make sense of Big Data. Alteryx helps analysts combine and prepare data inside or outside of big data environments like Cloudera, Amazon, and more, to build the most comprehensive dataset that can be analyzed in Big Data visualization tools.

Using Alteryx analysts can easily:

  • Take advantage of processing power from Big Data environments
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis from Big Data for discovery in visualization tools
  • Combine Big Data with advanced analytics in a visual workflow environment for deep insights

Looking for more insights on Alteryx and Big Data visualization tools? Be sure to download our whitepaper "Self-Service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data".

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