Harness the Value of Big Data

CRM Analytics for Big Data

While Big Data can offer exciting insights on CRM, analyzing Big Data often requires analysts relying on data specialists to make sense of all the growing (and often disparate sources) of data. Fortunately, Alteryx enables analysts with self-service CRM analytics for Big Data without having to rely on outside intervention.   Alteryx puts the power of CRM analytics in the hands of analysts with a repeatable workflow that allows them to access, prep, blend and analyze data.

Key Alteryx CRM Analytics for Big Data capabilities include: 

  • Blend, access, and cleanse all data types, structures and sources, such as Big Data, Salesforce, Amazon, Excel and more
  • Perform advanced analytics with drag-and-drop tools, no coding required to gain deeper customer insights
  • Instantly share results to reports, analytic apps or visualizations like Tableau, Qlik, Salesforce Wave and Power BI

It's time analysts truly take advantage of the value of Big Data and CRM Analytics with Alteryx. Get more insights today by downloading "A Buyer's Guide to Customer Analytics".

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