Organize Multiple Data Sources

Data Management Software

Managing the quality of data from multiple sources is vital for making strategic real-time decisions. Data management software can help you blend internal, third-party, and cloud-based data, but can be complicated and sometimes a cumbersome process.  Additionally, this software is usually IT controlled.  And with today's business analyst starting to control the analytics process, how do organizations empower them to gather, cleanse, and blend data without having to rely on others in the organization?  Alteryx equips analysts with an intuitive workflow for facilitating data blending with advanced analytics for deeper insights - simplifying the data management process and reducing the burden on IT for data management tasks.

Alteryx delivers analysts with the ability to:

  • Access, prepare, transform integrate and enrich multiple source of data
  • Drive deeper insights with spatial and predictive analytics
  • Deliver datasets to reports, visualization tools, or to drive downstream processes

Learn how data blending can help analysts reduce their dependency on IT throughout the data management process, download "The Definitive Guide To Data Blending" today!

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