From Data Preparation to Modeling

Data Mining Services

Today, data is everywhere : on premise, mobile, and in the cloud. In fact, more data is produced daily than all the combined years up to 2003. Unfortunately, for many analysts sifting through this data to find meaningful insight can be time-consuming and delay the decision making process. Data mining can help analysts make sense of this data by finding patterns in the data, allowing for more informed decisions and finding the right data mining services, can have an immediate impact on the success of your business. Fortunately, Alteryx delivers self-service data analytics to line of business analysts that empowers them throughout the data mining process.

With Alteryx, analysts are empowered to:
  • Quickly and easily access, prep, and join multiple data sources without coding
  • Save time by automating repeatable data preparation tasks
  • Incorporate data mining techniques like association, regression, classification, clustering, and more
  • Deliver data to models built in Alteryx, SAS, R, or SPSS

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