The Art of Data Blending

Data Mining Systems

As today's business success relies on gaining insights from the ever expanding amount and sources of data, analyst's are leading the charge required for that success. This means taking the vast amounts of data and utilizing data mining systems to uncover the similar trends or patterns necessary to make more inform business decisions. However the struggle with any analytic process is getting data in the right shape or format for analysis and data mining is no different. Alteryx speeds up the data preparation process, allowing analysts to spend more time on modeling within the data mining process by delivering self-service data analysis.

Self-Service data analysis capabilities in Alteryx:

  • Data blending and preparation tools to reduce time to insight
  • Data mining techniques like clustering, regression, classification, association, and more
  • Model deployment in a highly consumable environment
  • Flexible data delivery for models built in R, SAS, Alteryx, or SPSS

Data mining doesn't have to be so challenging and complex. Download the free trial and find out how Alteryx can help your organization.