Increase Insights and Eliminate Inefficiencies

Data Visualization Tools

Data visualizations begin with getting the right data, then transforming that data so it fits the parameters of the data visualization tool. This process of data preparation often takes 60-80% of an analyst’s time, especially when multiple data sources are involved. Alteryx empowers analysts to reduce the data preparation challenges and deliver the right dataset needed for deeper visual analysis. This is done through Alteryx's simple platform for data blending and advanced analytics which leads to deeper business insights.

Alteryx allows analysts working with data visualization tools to:

  • Quickly integrate multiple sources of data, regardless of the structure
  • Simplify data transformations, cleansing, and data enrichment for analysis
  • Incorporate predictive and spatial analysis to drive deeper visual analysis

Get the dataset you need to provide more in-depth analysis within your data visualization tool by downloading the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Microsoft today.

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