No SQL Coding Required

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

Oracle enterprise data quality analysts are tasked to support decisions that require more data. These analysts must move beyond spreadsheets and tap into Big Data sources like Hadoop for insights. However, as data increases, analysts struggle with inefficient legacy solutions and outdated methods. Alteryx empowers analysts to take advantage of their entire database -- from Big Data to other formats/sources -- with advanced analytics and sophisticated data blending. Work with large datasets without any hand-crafted SQL coding.

Alteryx enables Oracle data quality for analysts to:

  • Supplement SQL coding for large scale data preparation and analytic processes within databases
  • Incorporate in-database capabilities to access, prepare and integrate data within Oracle
  • Easily perform data cleansing and enrichment to improve data stored in Oracle

Download the Data Blending report and try Alterxy for free today. Learn why so many leading enterprises use Alteryx for their analytic and data quality needs.

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