The Alteryx Grand Prix is an annual tradition that takes place at Inspire. It pits the world’s best Alteryx users against each other in an analytics race to solve business problems that they must answer faster (or better) than the rest of the competition while using Alteryx Designer. All Alteryx users who will be at Inspire 2014 in San Diego on... read more »
Data blending and analytic needs come in all shapes and sizes as we take inventory across a variety of industries. One common thread is that all are seeking a means to get a leg up on the competition. Whether it be to strengthen customer loyalty or capitalize on operational efficiencies, customer intelligence and demographic data are essential... read more »
Thursday (Apr'17th) is our next event in the Analytics Tools for the Data Warrior series. This one takes place in Chicago and will include a great presentation by Patrice Nolan, Market Research Analyst and Tim Fleming, AVP & Actuary – Pricing at CNA. Patrice and Tim will talk about how they are using analytics as a competitive... read more »
Analytics have changed the way retailers do business. Leading retailers increasingly relying on analytics to support critical decisions like: which customers to target, what products/categories to stock, and even where to operate. Inspire 2014 brings you live case studies from an impressive line-up of retailers from -- grocery, restaurants,... read more »
This week we will kick off the first event in our roadshow series titled “Analytics Tools for the Data Warrior.” These events will focus on the barriers data analysts run into, and how, with the right tools, they can push through their challenges to become a Data Warrior – someone who is a self-sufficient analyst, and has a seat at the table... read more »
Omnichannel retailing is a reality, yet “true” omnichannel continues to elude retailers, with most of them struggling to align marketing and merchandising. In part 1 of my recent blog 10 Key Ways Analytics can Help Advance “True” Omnichannel , I shared five of the 10 ways analytics can help get you omnichannel ready. Here are the rest of the five... read more »
This morning we released a customer profile on Rosenblatt Securities. In this case study we see how Scott Burrill and Tableau Zen Master Joe Mako are using Alteryx and Tableau to get deeper insights faster. These insights help them to determine which funds to track and where the action is, as well as, to answer specific client questions to reduce... read more »
I returned from last week’s Predictive Analytics World in San Francisco, and I have to say it was a pretty exciting and successful conference for Alteryx. We had a lot of good conversations and nice traffic at our booth. It was great not only to educate people on the value of Alteryx, but also talk to folks who have been following us or have... read more »
This morning we announced a brand new partnership with Qlik that will enable us to expose data blending and advanced analytics in an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, to a broader audience. The core of this partnership will be the ability for any analyst to use Alteryx to create advanced analytics, including predictive and spatial analytics,... read more »
I recently co-wrote a paper “True Omnichannel: Aligning Marketing and Merchandising through Analytics” with RetailWire, a retail industry think group. The premise of the paper is that while customers don’t differentiate between various channels, retailers struggle to provide a consistent omnichannel experience due to lack of alignment between... read more »


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