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Self-Service Data Analytics Event Series

Self Service Data Analytics Event Series

Deeper insights you can deploy and share at scale in hours, not weeks. Save time by automating common data prep, blending and analysis. Repeatable Workflow
Easily combine multiple data sources in a repeatable workflow.Join Alteryx and some of our premier partners to learn how self-service data analytics empowers advanced excel spreadsheet users to simplify and automate the process to prep, blend, and analyze data — leading to faster and better decisions.

There are two types of events in this series:

  • Seminars are a great introduction to Alteryx over your lunch hour. We will include a short presentation and demo to show you what's possible with self-service data analytics in Alteryx.
  • Workshops are a deeper dive into what Alteryx can do to transform your business. We add hands-on exercises so you can build your first repeatable workflow, and in just a few hours learn how you can use the included free trial of Alteryx for your next data blending and analytics project.

Designed for people who have never used Alteryx before, these events will give you practical advice to help you advance your career and enable your organization with better decision making through self-service data analytics. Choose a city near you to get more details and start on the road to self-service data analytics.


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Event Type
Costa Mesa CA 04/27 Seminar
Charlotte NC 05/02 Workshop
Seattle WA 05/09 Seminar
Portland OR 05/11 Seminar
San Francisco CA 05/16 Seminar
Salt Lake City UT 05/18 Seminar
Event Type
Cape Town ZA 04/22 Seminar
London UK 04/27 Workshop
Oslo NO 05/10 Workshop
Milton Keynes UK 05/11 Workshop
Prague CZ 05/11 Workshop
London UK 05/25 Workshop
Paris FR 05/25 Workshop
London UK 06/29 Workshop
Paris FR 10/26 Workshop
Event Type
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