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Adventure TEAM Challenge

Inspiration is found in perspective, passion, and opportunity.

18 - 20 May 2012, Fruita, CO

The Adventure Team Challenge is a three-day, multisport adventure race that teams able-bodied desk jockeys with disabled athletes. Crossing the rugged high desert landscape of western Colorado, teams mountain bike, white-water raft, run, zip line, climb, and rappel their way to a finish line that defines not the end of a race, but an enduring perspective that permeates one's life.

Why we are sponsoring this event

  • To facilitate dreams, renew perspectives, and inspire passion
  • The ATC embodies our corporate culture of integrity, teamwork, commitment, and respect


2012 Teams

Alteryx Armadillos

Team captain: Jimmy Garrett
Team members: Mary Coffee, Ben Stringer, Vijay Viswanathan, Maureen Wolfson

Armadillos are well-known for being the state animal of Texas and being found in other states such as South Carolina. They are widely known as very adaptable animals and are very strong as they can jump up to 4 feet in the air. What is less well-known is that they often travel in groups of 5 and work very well as a team. They will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and often have fun while doing it.

Team Clarissa

Team captain: Marc Gemassmer
Team members: Tom Carroll, Mark Drake, Mike Harden, Matt Nicholson

Team Fuzzy Match

Team captain: Deborah Tankersley
Team members: Seth Arseneau, Sue McGowen, Dana Pickup, Rob Kimbrough

Team Fuzzy Match is about bringing together athletes from around the US that have a common goal of pushing their bodies and minds to the limits. The excitement is building for this year's ATC and we'll be bringing our A game!

Alteryx Avengers

Team captain: Chad Martin
Team members: Jake O'Connor, Cameron Steele, Justin Tischler, Isaac Savitz

"Success" in the ATC has a multitude of meanings. I say this because I believe that success is defined by the goals people believe to be most important. The ATC is special because it unites individuals by their common goals. For the Alteryx Avengers, our goal is to simply cross the finish line full of smiles and without injury. This can only be achieved with great teamwork and positive attitudes.

Alteryx Force

Team captain: Anthony Johnson
Team members: Hannah Keller, Rick Marion, Jon Siefkes, Kate Ragazzino

On May 18-20th, we will witness what's possible when 5 people pull together full force and push their mental and physical capacity towards accomplishing one goal. It's my prediction that we all will come out of this experience better than we were before we started. Let's go!

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