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Humanizing Big Data with Alteryx

The growth in high volume, high velocity data that comes from many new sources is causing a great deal of excitement in IT organizations. Often there are discussions of data science and a new breed of super analysts. But what is missing in the discussion on Big Data analytics is a focus on the core business value that can be gained from this new source of insight, if only we could get the right analysis into the hands of business decision makers.

Alteryx knows there is a better approach, which is why we are on a mission to humanize Big Data.


Alteryx humanizes Big Data through:

  • Giving access to Big Data to the people who drive decisions and analytics, the data and business analysts in every business unit
  • Making it easy to integrate this data with the rest of the data available, and then providing powerful but accessible analytics to help drive decision making

Humanizing Big Data is achieved through a single platform that provides data analysts with:

  • Data blending capabilities for mixing Big Data (Hadoop, social media streams, NoSQL) with spreadsheets, data warehouses, packaged market data
  • An easy way to perform predictive analytics on Big Data
  • A workflow approach to creating analytic applications that can be published to the Cloud

The Business Analyst's
Guide to Hadoop

3 Steps to Analytic Results

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