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Making Predictive Analytics More Accessible and Scalable

As organizations are taking advantage of the benefits of big data, one of the key drivers is the use of predictive analytics. The R statistical language is quickly emerging as the standard for the new era of predictive analytics. Revolution Analytics provides enterprise R capabilities for businesses using predictive analytics. Alteryx and Revolution Analytics are integrating Alteryx and Revolution Analytics ScaleR to:

  • Empower Business Analysts with Easy-to-Use Predictive Tools combined with the Leading R Platform
  • Deliver Enterprise-Scale Predictive Analytics to Line of Business Analysts
  • Harness the Emergence of R as the Language of Predictive Analytics

With Alteryx and Revolution Analytics, business users can create sophisticated analytical workflows by simply dragging and dropping functions and then configuring them in a dialog box. The result is a completely scalable predictive analytics application that can provide crucial answers quickly and at a fraction of the cost of outdated analytics applications.

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Alteryx & Revolution Analytics Demo

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