Alteryx Analytics

System integrators and business consultants

Give your clients what they need most - rapid results and sustainable ROI. Offer exceptional business insight and measurable results in hours or days, not months or years.

Services and consulting opportunities

Agile business intelligence with Alteryx technology is fundamentally different from others and allows service providers to rapidly design and build prototypes, and deliver solutions that offer measurable results and quick payback. Whether in the process of developing, deploying, or maintaining a business intelligence application, most clients, regardless of industry or company size, benefit from an Alteryx solution.

Publish and run agile business intelligence regardless of existing IT infrastructure

Easily extend the power of a client's existing BI applications to publish and run one platform that delivers speed, processing efficiencies, analytics, and results. With Alteryx, it is easy to define and build service offerings that help clients realize the maximum potential from business intelligence investments and deliver long-term and significant savings in software, hardware, and traditional maintenance costs.

Design, build, and deploy robust proof-of-concepts; on the fly, with real-world results

Decrease lengthy development cycles with rapid prototyping and demonstrable proof-of-concepts (POCs). Win client approvals with real-world results, produced in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Get client projects right the first time; identify projects challenges, reduce risks, and avoid costly delays.

Build sustainable and repeatable workflows; build once, run often

Alteryx software is fast, flexible, and very intuitive. Designing best-practice BI workflows is particularly easy with the highly visual, click-and-drag, Alteryx solution development environment. Produce extensible and reusable workflow modules with little to no software coding required.

Capitalize on a technology solution you will not find elsewhere

Contact a channel representative today and discover how to benefit from a partnership with Alteryx.

Alteryx technology highlights

  • Integrate Alteryx with existing business intelligence and analytic applications
  • Easily create proof-of-concepts (POCs) and quickly deploy prototypes
  • Build and customize flexible and repeatable workflow processes; on the fly
  • Provide unrivaled speed in accessing and processing data regardless of its format
  • Offer geospatial processing with the industry's fastest geocoding and drivetime engines
  • Ease IT constraints to deliver more functionality to business users
  • Deliver significant and long-term savings in software, hardware and maintenance costs
  • Foster successful client relationships and increase service engagement opportunities

The Alteryx advantage

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Decreased time to market with rapid prototyping
  • Improved speed to insight with measurable ROI
  • Integration with third-party data
  • SDK for extending the Alteryx Tool Palette
  • API for integration into other applications
  • Minimal or no software coding required
  • Broad deployment options for the enterprise
  • Lower training costs

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