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Alteryx Helps Experian Marketing Services Reduce Delivery Time for Client-Ready Output by 70%


Experian Marketing Services wanted to accelerate the process for processing very large, inconsistent client data files. In addition, the company wanted to reduce both the cost and time to deliver output to clients as well as add real-time access to analytical capabilities.

Experian Marketing Services is a global provider of integrated consumer insight, targeting and interactive marketing. Experian helps brands from around the world intelligently interact with today’s dynamic, empowered and hyper-connected consumers. By coordinating seamless interactions across all marketing channels, Experian enables marketers to plan and execute superior brand experiences that deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximize profits. Experian calls this Marketing Forward.

Experian works with top brands every day to help them gain insight into their customers through the use of data appends and modeling to improve targeting, upsell and cross-sell. Its mission is to provide actionable analysis to their clients using segmentation and cross-channel marketing recommendations.

The Situation

Before using Alteryx, Experian Marketing Services was challenged with providing its clients top quality, highly customized reports, in short time frames. These challenges were primarily caused by the tools and processes required to get to the final data and analytic output.

Each client file that Experian receives can span terabytes of data and often contains a variety of data formats including structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Processing the data through the legacy system at times required intervention from engineering and delivery resources to meet customer requirements. This was also often a long process that included custom coding, multiple and complex analytical tools, and expensive data transformation resources.

A new process platform was needed and Experian turned to Alteryx to satisfy three primary objectives:

  1. Lower the overall cost of processing and analyzing data
  2. Reduce the time required to produce the final product for clients
  3. Improve customer satisfaction by giving Experian Marketing Services

The Solution

Experian Marketing Services has streamlined its custom and ad-hoc processing to one based on Alteryx Strategic Analytics technology. Experian uses this internal platform to:

  • Process, integrate, enrich, and stage data, including customer demographic and spatial data
  • Analyze this dataset to best meet the needs of its clients
  • Deliver usable insight in a flexible format that can be easily consumed by decision-makers within Experian and at client locations

“We wanted to drive down costs and raise the efficiency of our data delivery infrastructure by automating routine tasks, expanded flexibility, and significantly increasing processing speed,” said Todd Rudie, vice president of data development and delivery for Experian Marketing Services.

Now, when data arrives, it can be processed and analyzed in a fraction of the time, and with less involvement from system engineering and developers.

The Benefits

Experian Marketing Services is using Alteryx to process tens of millions records per hour and billions of records each month to deliver complex data enrichment and provide customers with actionable insight. The Alteryx Strategic Analytics platform has empowered Experian Marketing Services to:

  • Reduce report generation time from more than a full day to a single hour by simplifying analytical tasks
  • Reduce data processing time from hours to minutes by integrating and processing data sets, including spatial data
  • Improve turnaround times for clients by approximately 70% by building repeatable analytical processes, which minimized coding requirements

“Alteryx has helped us reduce turnaround times and recognize cost savings,” Rudie stated. “Alteryx has been able to handle the scale and diversity of the data and enhance our analytics efficiently and effectively. As a result, Alteryx is helping Experian Marketing Services continuously improve the quality and value of its commercial services.”

An example of these improvements includes an Experian Marketing Services’ client project with multiple data files, ranging from 2 to 28 millions of records each, where the end-to-end process from data upload to final product was reduced by 55%. This not only provided a better service for the client, but also enabled Experian to be more efficient overall.

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