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Great Clips

Alteryx Supports Great Clips’ Growth Strategy with Site Selection and Location Analytics

Great Clips wanted to better support its growth strategy by accelerating the new site assessment and selection process for its franchise salons while also reducing overall costs.

Great Clips uses Alteryx to put analytics in the hands of its real estate managers with an easy-to-use, fast and accurate way to find and qualify all potential new franchise locations.


  • Deeper Insights: Conducted more thorough and accurate analyses on three times as many potential new franchises per day than previously, enabling the company to open new franchises more quickly with a greater chance of success
  • Hours vs. Weeks: Reduced time to assess a new location by 95 percent, often producing an analysis in five minutes instead of two hours
  • Intuitive Workflow: Created a sophisticated site-selection application used by the company’s national real estate management, which includes drive-time, demographic, consumer behavior, and spatial data in a single analytic workflow

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