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Conducting client store analysis using POS and consumer profiling data

Use Point-of-Sale (POS) and consumer profiling data to better define trade areas and target top households on a store-by-store basis.

The challenge

Use a Generic Store Analysis of a trade area to measure the performance of prospective store locations for various business concepts and product line offerings. Identify each location's top customer profiles, the mix of leading products sold, and estimate the potential market share of the trade area for a given store concept.

The solution

Leading commercial real estate firms use Alteryx to rapidly analyze and identify top potential location matches for a client's business concept and product offerings. In a matter of minutes, brokers can generate and review a Generic Retail Chain analysis for dozens of potential addresses during a routine client presentation.

The highly scalable and flexible data integration capabilities of Alteryx provide reliable, on-demand analyses at the network, store and product level. Driving this data through the fastest spatial and non-spatial analytic and reporting technologies available today is what provides top firms and their clients with the agile decision making needed for success.

Licensing Alteryx with pre-loaded authoritative datasets, such as D&B Business, CSG and WFS Retail Bundle, reduces the need to load client data, and it builds credibility for the expertise you can provide.

Benefits for business leaders

  • Reliably predict product demand on a store-by-store basis
  • Identify areas matching demand and competitive weakness
  • Share best-practice workflows to serve clients faster across the organization

Benefits for analysts

  • Deliver on-demand analyses that include interactive or presentation-grade tables, charts & maps
  • Generate non-overlapping trade area analyses
  • Use any analytical parameters, including consumer segmentation, ZIP codes, drivetimes, radius, population density, or any standard or custom boundaries
  • Access & integrate data from any division, silo, or any external data source

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