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Achieve targeted, 'no-risk' merchandising with deeper insights into consumers and products.

Leadership in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector requires deep insights into customers, products and geography. Manufacturers and their retail partners must work together to locate and profile their best customers, and then get those products to them through the right channels Seasonality, channel conflict, and changing demographics all require deep analytics, faster than traditional solutions can deliver.

Analysts in CPG organizations can take advantage of all of the data available to them including Point of Sale (POS), Retail Floor Space Management (RFSM), demographics, and marketing data to drive critical decisions across departments.

  • Business leaders can confidently make strategic merchandizing decisions across multi-channel networks with detailed predictive analytics
  • Merchandising managers and analysts can rapidly bring together the specific dataset they need in minutes
  • IT leaders reduce the backlog of request for new data and analytics, while automating repetitive data tasks

“Not only can we make more strategic decisions about whereto open a new store, but also we can use Alteryx to help our planners and category managers place the right merchandise in those stores, even before the store opens its doors."
- Pat Garvey, Director RFSM for VF Corporation.

Consumer Packaged Goods Analytic Apps from Alteryx Analytics Gallery

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Alteryx delivers marketplace insights in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. You and your retail partners will have near real-time access to the freshest data on customers, POS data, and market conditions by store location, from which you can share powerful RFSM analytics with your brands and buyers.

Alteryx software leverages your existing IT assets and adds an integration & analytical layer that accelerates and automates BI and business processes. Alteryx enables the full range of analytics that drive growth in CPG organizations, including:

  • Trade area profiling
  • Site selection evaluations
  • POS validation analysis
  • Sister store correlations and rankings
  • Flow replenishment reports
  • Panel and shopper analysis
  • Demand forecasting, by SKU
  • Consumer demographics & profiling
  • Consumer brand & product preferences
  • Product allocations
  • Gap analysis