Get Deeper Insights Into Consumers and Their Spending

Leadership in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector requires deep insights into consumers, products and geography. Manufacturers and their retail partners must work together to locate and profile their best consumers, and then get the right products to them through the right channels. Optimal assortment planning requires accounting for seasonality, channel conflict, and changing demographics, faster than traditional solutions can deliver.

For CPG analysts to gain insights in the time required to support decisions, they need the ability to prep, blend and analyze all relevant data themselves, without IT dependence or delays.

With self-service data analytics from Alteryx:

  • Category managers and analysts can easily prep, blend, and analyze all the relevant data – Point of Sale (POS), consumer demand, demographics, and marketing – in minutes, using a repeatable workflow
  • Business leaders can utilize analytics – predictive, statistical, and spatial, to confidently make strategic merchandising decisions across locations and channels
  • IT leaders can reduce the backlog of requests for incorporating new data and ad-hoc analyses, while automating repetitive data tasks
  • Data analysts and line-of‐business users are empowered to perform their own analytics, delivering deeper insights about consumers in hours, not the weeks typical of traditional approaches

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