Alteryx Analytics

Guide buyers with effective media evaluations by store trade areas

Identify the optimal mix for advertising spend by comparing an area's most profitable consumer profiles to the available profile-matching media and programming.

The challenge

Provide retail floor space managers with the simple and reliable tools they need to identify the best media advertising vehicles (TV, cable, web, print, direct mail, out-of-home, or radio) to target top customer profiles in the area.

The solution

Identify the best potential customers in the trade area and correlate their demographic profiles to their preferred advertising media. Achieving such results requires a tool capable of quickly processing and modeling a significant amount of multivariate data. Manufacturers struggle with the sheer volume and complexity of their marketplace data, so running a detailed media evaluation for each store is often too slow for informed decision making.

Alteryx is optimized to integrate and analyze massive amounts of complex spatial and non-spatial data, so manufacturers can conduct or guide their buyers with effective, store-specific media evaluations.

Benefits for business leaders

  • Focus promotional offers on the right buyers, using the media channels they prefer
  • Plan your advertising spend by consumer segment, media channel, and product-segmentation match
  • Help your buyers advertise more effectively to increase demand for your products

Benefits for analysts

  • Integrate demographic, household, and individual data
  • View competitor revenue down to the department level
  • Spend more time analyzing data, instead of gathering it
  • Deliver same-day analyses that include presentation-grade tables, charts and maps

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