Explore, Understand and Optimize Efficiencies in Drilling and Completions

Similar to other commodities, the Oil & Gas industry sees large price swings based on supply and demand. There is great potential to optimize efficiencies and leverage data-driven solutions in the upstream, midstream and downstream processing of oil and gas.

Analysts in Oil & Gas face the challenge of accessing, joining, and analyzing data from many different sources. Often, this requires proper tools, time and teams to manage the analysis efficiently. Alteryx empowers Oil & Gas analysts with self-service data analytics, allowing them to prep and blend data from all sources, and apply analytics - predictive, statistical, and spatial - to deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks, all through a repeatable workflow.

Alteryx can help Oil & Gas analysts to:

  • Prep and blend multiple data types — spatial, geological, seismic, weather and more — to make more informed exploration decisions for drilling and bidding
  • Leverage predictive analytics to anticipate outages, determine root cause of failures, and minimize down-time
  • Compare the actual versus estimated costs at the well level and calculate other key performance metrics aligned to capital investment to better understand drilling & completions
  • Analyze infill drilling performance to produce more out of existing acreage and compare average delta performance between neighbor wells and previous parent wells to maximize labor and time

Alteryx provides a repeatable workflow that allows analysts to uncover deeper analytic insights in hours, not weeks, no coding required.

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