Alteryx Analytics

Conduct effective media evaluations by day-part to increase sales traffic

Identify the most targeted advertising opportunities that match to the day-part population counts and consumer profiles in each outlet's trade area.

The challenge

Finding fast, simple and reliable tools to identify the most effective media vehicles (TV, cable, web, print, direct mail, out-of-home, or radio) and targeted media content to reach your best customers in each trade area.

The solution

Identify your best potential customers in the trade area, and correlate their media consumption profiles to the leading advertising medium and programming. The ability to match consumer profiles by day-part, while sorting local media offerings, requires great speed and data throughput.

Alteryx is optimized to quickly integrate and analyze very large volumes of spatial and non-spatial data, so media evaluations can become a routine part of marketing and operations decision making.

Benefits for business leaders

  • Reliably predict the advertising channels and programming that will drive daytime vs. nighttime revenue, by location
  • Offer compelling menus based on deep insights into the demographic profiles of customers within a specific trade area
  • Measure advertising effectiveness with more certainty using correlated outreach and targets to drive sales traffic
  • Routinely monitor media expenditure justifications by outlet with fast and detailed reporting

Benefits for analysts

  • Spend more time analyzing data, instead of gathering it
  • Easily respond to last-minute urgent requests
  • Use any standard or custom boundaries for trade area analysis, including drivetimes, radius, population density, or consumer segmentation
  • Eliminate workflow bottlenecks

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