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Create targeted direct mail lists using household-level data

Generate a targeted mailing list based on customer records and household consumer profiling insights for any store’s trade area.

The challenge

Generate highly targeted mailing lists based on rapid analyses of households or businesses within a certain distance or drivetime, on a store-by-store basis. Score, rank or filter the list using demographic/psychographic attributes, point of sale data, promotional responses, customer records or other data.

The solution

Leading retailers use Alteryx to rapidly integrate & process the massive amounts of diverse, multivariate data needed to generate targeted mailing lists on a store-by-store basis. Because Alteryx rapidly combines & analyzes spatial and non-spatial data, it's a quick and routine process to create mailing lists to:

  • Plan compelling offers to reach your most profitable consumer profiles
  • Find good matches to those profiles, by household, sorted from your current customers

By offering such precise & rapid targeting, Alteryx helps reduce the count & overall expense of mailings, while increasing response rates and eliminating inefficiencies.

In addition to U.S. Census data, Alteryx is also available pre-loaded with datasets from such authoritative sources as AGS, Experian, MetaCarta, MPSI, and Sammamish.

Benefits for business leaders

  • Increase response rates and decrease mailing expenses by using lists that precisely target your best customer segments
  • Blend & analyze all your key data, including trade areas, POS, postal, consumer profiling, or any desired internal or external source
  • Extend offers (ex: coupons, BOGO) that reflect your trade area’s RFM and product mix patterns
  • Get same-day analyses & justifications for your marketing efforts
  • See ROI in weeks, not months

Benefits for analysts

  • Spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it
  • Use any trade area parameters, including drivetimes, radius, population density, consumer demographics, ZIP codes, or any standard or custom boundaries
  • Generate non-overlapping trade areas that maximize consumer traffic and store sales
  • Deliver same-day analyses that include interactive or presentation-grade tables, charts & maps

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