Alteryx Analytics

Generate a store analysis using POS and consumer profiling data

Use Point-of-Sale (POS) and consumer profiling data to better define trade areas and target top households, on a store-by-store basis.

The challenge

Use Store Analysis to measure the performance of every store location in your network. Identify each store's customer profiles, the mix of products sold, and estimate your potential market share at the store level.

To predict your market potential and sales performance, massive amounts of point-of-sale transactions must typically be processed & linked to the geospatial coordinates of all stores in a network and matched to a trade area's consumer demographic/psychographic profiles.

The solution

Leading retail networks use Alteryx to rapidly optimize product placements & mix, and to minimize returns and maximize sales for each retail outlet. By seamlessly accessing & integrating all key data – POS, consumer segmentation, promotional campaign results, and any internal or external datasets – Alteryx makes detailed store analysis a routine task.

The highly-integrated Alteryx platform provides reliable, on-demand analyses at the network, store and product level. This promotes agile decision making and better sales management, all the way down to the store level.

Alteryx can also be licensed with pre-loaded authoritative datasets, such as D&B Business, CSG and WFS Retail Bundle.

Benefits for business leaders

  • Reliably predict product demand on a store-by-store basis
  • Select promotional offers that match the product mix and RFM patterns of each store
  • Publish best-practice workflows across the organization

Benefits for analysts

  • Deliver same-day analyses that include interactive or presentation-grade tables, charts & maps
  • Generate non-overlapping trade areas that maximize revenues and minimize returns
  • Use any analytical parameters, including consumer segmentation, ZIP codes, drivetimes, radius, population density, or any standard or custom boundaries
  • Access & integrate data from any division, silo, or any external data source

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