Enrich CRM Data with All Available Insight

Salesforce.com has become a de facto choice for organizations to gain the agility and cost benefits of a cloud-based sales and marketing automation platform. However, most business questions regarding customers, partners, or sales activity require data from many other sources. The analytic solutions that have emerged around Salesforce.com fail to adequately deal with this issue, leaving customers with complex and expensive integration projects.

Alteryx takes a different approach. By delivering an analytic platform for data analysts in sales and marketing, Alteryx allows them to blend and enrich all relevant data, whether it is customer web activity stored in a Hadoop deployment, packaged third-party customer and market data, or Excel data containing customer segmentation models. This insight is critical to identifying new revenue opportunities, optimizing marketing campaign effectiveness, improving planning and forecasting accuracy, setting sales team deployment strategies, and more.

Key Alteryx capabilities for Salesforce Analytics:

  • A packaged data download connector to easily extract data from Salesforce.com
  • A packaged data upload connector to rapidly upload enriched data to Salesforce.com
  • Rapid integration of Salesforce.com with any other data source without the need to engage IT

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