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Thanks to fierce competition with satellite television providers and wireline telecommunication carriers, you have been aggressively adding fiber to increase capacity and combining extensive content with innovative triple-play services. But which markets, services, and customers will generate the most profit? What programming are they watching so you can deliver value to your content providers and advertisers? And where can you leverage your infrastructure to reach the most lucrative business users?

Alteryx lets you determine the most lucrative markets by blending all your critical data - demographics, customer service records, set top box usage information, and more - in a single, intuitive workflow. With Alteryx, you can create a competitive assessment down to the individual residence or business building level, so you can make more informed, strategic decisions about where to make capital investments, which customers to target and how to craft the best possible message to win customers.

Alteryx enables you to:

  • Create highly-targeted advertising options using set-top box analysis to determine program viewing preferences and integrated demographics to find similar households
  • Identify lucrative opportunities for cable business services based on proximity to existing network resources
  • Combat competitive threats from phone companies and satellite providers by targeting at-risk customers with retention campaigns
  • Optimize resources by dispatching installation and maintenance personnel based on physical location and estimated drive times
  • Quantify the value of potential acquisitions based on existing network assets and customer targets

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