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Over the years, your network has grown to include a mix of old and new network technologies, with the newest technologies installed in the biggest, highest-revenue markets. Now, competition and demand for these innovative, value-added services in the smaller markets is catching up to that of the larger ones, but not every technology or service is available in every market. How do you proactively identify the most lucrative markets for expansion and build out your network infrastructure to the right buildings and neighborhoods before your competition?

With Alteryx you can integrate vast amounts of disparate data to determine the specific dynamics of each market you currently or plan to provide service. Powerful analytical tools help you prioritize which markets to build out based on market potential, expected competition, pricing pressure and capital costs. With Alteryx, you can make informed, strategic decisions and invest your capital budget in the most effective manner.

Alteryx enables you to:

  • Predict service requirements and optimize capital budget resources by prioritizing network upgrades based on revenue potential
  • Simplify and improve facility utilization monitoring by unifying provisioning records from legacy and next-generation OSS platforms
  • Preempt competitive threats by identifying at-risk customers through social media monitoring and customer experience scoring
  • Attract new customers by creating marketing campaigns targeted to specific customer demographics and bandwidth requirements
  • Analyze strategic impact of industry mergers on your existing network assets and long-range plans

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