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Download authoritative, in-depth white papers and articles that explore the increasingly critical need to combine business intelligence (BI) solutions with business process optimization (BPO) strategies; automate best-practice workflows; and access & analyze all vital corporate data, including traditionally 'siloed' geospatial data.

Industry thought-leaders are now recognizing that conventional BI and GIS tools, even when coupled together to address the need, are not up to the task of analyzing the valuable geographic attributes of their corporate data within a single solution environment.

Retail Analytics Moves To The Frontline

Read the Alteryx sponsored new paper "Retail Analytics Moves To The Frontline" to get latest research on:

  • The current state of analytic adoption in the retail industry
  • Top organizational inhibitors preventing the wider use of analytics
  • Experts' recommendations on how to expand analytical culture

Alteryx and Qlik- Using Data Blending and Advanced Analytics to Fuel Business Discovery

Download this whitepaper to learn how Alteryx and Qlik empower businesses to achieve greater insight into their data:

  • Speed to Insight: Accelerate the delivery of Advanced Analytics to Business Users in a Self-Service, Searchable BI & Discovery Environment
  • Power to Analysts: Empower users with Advanced Predictive and Spatial Analytics
  • Easy self-service: Business users Perform Their Own Analytics and Reduce the Burden on IT
  • Alteryx and Qlik bring advanced analytics to drive deeper discovery, faster

True Omnichannel: Aligning Marketing and Merchandising Through Analytics

Omnichannel retail is a reality -- in 2013 holiday season, 69% Americans web-roomed and online purchases saw a 16.5% surge. But omnichannel continues to be elusive with most retailers struggling to synchronize the buy side with the sell side. Analytics can help align marketing and merchandising for omnichannel excellence.

Get Alteryx sponsored, new Retailwire white paper “True Omnichannel: Aligning Marketing and Merchandising through Analytics".

Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

Get a complimentary copy of the “2014 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.”

View the report to:

  • See why Gartner believes the market for BI and analytics platforms will remain one of the fastest growing software markets
  • Learn why purchasing and usage will be driven primarily by business-user-oriented data discovery requirements
  • Find out what attributes led Alteryx to be positioned as one of only two vendors in the "Visionaries" quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms

Gartner Research courtesy of Alteryx: Inaugural “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms.”

View the report to:

  • See how Gartner defines the advanced analytics market and the four quadrants
  • Get Gartner’s perspective on the evolution of the use of advanced analytics, including their increased use by business analysts
  • Find out what attributes led Alteryx to be positioned as one of only two vendors in the "Visionaries" quadrant

Predictive Analytics Made Easy

Predictive Analytics is no longer a frightening term, in fact it is becoming more entrenched in organizations’ decision and business processes each day. Predictive Analytics for Dummies helps data analysts and decision makers with the uncertainty of:

  • How can predictive analytics help within my organization?
  • What are the steps in implementing predictive analytics into my business processes?
  • Do I need to expand resources and expertise to take advantage of predictive analytics?

TDWI Report: Predictive Analytics for Business Advantage

To compete effectively in an era in which advantages are ephemeral, companies need to move beyond historical, rear-view understandings of business performance and customer behavior and become more proactive. One way to do this is by implementing predictive Analytics. This TDWI Best Practices Report focuses on how organizations can and are using predictive analytics to derive business value.

Cashing in on Analytics in Retail: A Quick Start Guide from Alteryx

Running successful retail operations in today's environment isn't easy. Analytics can help you get the insights you need. This guide includes tips on how to get started on analytics despite limited analytical resources, use cases with most potential in marketing , merchandising and retail operations, and benefits other retailers have achieved with Analytics from Alteryx.

TDWI Checklist Report: Seven Use Cases for Geospatial Analysis

With the growth of geospatial data being captured, the importance of incorporating this into analysis is increasing across organizations. This checklist introduces readers to the range of use cases geospatial analytics is being used for today to support analysis.

Analytic Platform Comparison: Alteryx vs. SAS Institute

Download the research that will explain why SAS customers are making the switch to Alteryx for their next analytics project.