SymphonyIRI unveils Target Advantage, a next generation solution to optimize shopper segmentation and targeting

Target Advantage integrates best-in-class targeting capabilities with flexible, geo-spatial mapping plus household- and retailer-level information to provide improved consumer/shopper insights and marketing ROI

San Antonio, TX – March 23, 2010 – SymphonyIRI Group, Inc., formerly named Information Resources, Inc. (“IRI”), today announced the launch of Target Advantage™. Developed in partnership with industry leaders Acxiom® Corporation and SRC, and brought to market by SymphonyIRI, the Target Advantage solution represents the first phase in a new generation of shopper segmentation and targeting solutions designed to provide more actionable insights to drive improved marketing effectiveness down to the individual household and retailer level. SymphonyIRI, the world’s leading innovation partner that enables consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail and healthcare companies to create and maximize new market opportunities, made this announcement on the opening day of its “Summit 2010: Reinventing CPG and Retail Conference,” being held at the J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country.

“CPG leaders are reconnecting with shoppers directly and can no longer rely on mass media and standardized products that are not customized to the needs of discrete shopper groups,” said SymphonyIRI Consumer & Shopper Insights President Robert (Bob) I. Tomei. “Marketers that can successfully re-establish that connection with shoppers down to the household level will win. Target Advantage is the first of a new generation of solutions to help manufacturers and retailers get there.”

Target Advantage is a collaborative, Web-based solution that enables CPG manufacturers and retailers to significantly enhance their ability to directly reach their most valued shoppers through advanced segmentation, modeling and targeting capabilities.

Marketers can now target more effectively through predictive attribute modeling versus geo-demographic targeting, identify stronger linkages through historical purchase and forward-looking information and quantify market opportunities based on actual demand versus fulfillment.

The solution integrates best-in-class behavioral, attitudinal, and psychographic data from multiple sources and applies powerful, predictive automated analytics to generate higher-quality insights in a matter of minutes. Further, the solution integrates a full array of marketing media data, including national and local print, radio, television viewership and online activity, along with shopping habits and purchase behavior to deliver a unified view of marketing activities and subsequent impact. Specifically, Target Advantage combines SymphonyIRI’s Consumer Network™ (panel)-based consumer and shopper insight and InfoScan® point-of-sale (POS) sales data with Acxiom’s InfoBase-X® database of more than 116 million households, and SRC’s Alteryx® software to deliver an accelerated and enhanced view of shopper and market insights by adding Geographic Business Intelligence® capabilities into the marketing mix.

“Acxiom InfoBase-X household-level information replaces traditional block group data, enabling CPG leaders to extract significantly better results from their modeling activities,” said Jim Harold, Acxiom vice president of retail and CPG. “Household-level data provides more accurate insights for CPG manufacturers and retailers eager to pursue shopper-centric micro-segmentation strategies.”

In combining these powerful data sources, analytical models and solutions, Target Advantage provides a granular methodology for empowering retailers and manufacturers to create rich profiles of shoppers on a household basis, including household-level scoring, predictive attribute modeling, POS-driven opportunity assessment, and multi-attribute, weighted retail trade areas. Further, the Target Advantage user interface enables broad integration of insights, providing ease-of-accessibility, issue-based work flows, template-based, presentation-ready analyses, and customized shopper insights to increase effectiveness and maximize value across groups within an organization.

“SRC’s Alteryx software platform contributes industry leading geospatial analytics to Target Advantage, enabling manufacturers and retailers to quickly define consumer and market opportunities with precision elusive to legacy systems,” added Dean Stoecker, chief executive officer, SRC.

SymphonyIRI developed a Charter Membership Program in support of Target Advantage with several Fortune 500 CPG clients already participating. This unique program allows clients not only to use the solution to support their shopper-centric marketing programs but also to drive the future development of the solution as it incorporates “direct-to-consumer/shopper? marketing executional capabilities into the platform.

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