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RSI Research Solutions is proud to announce MapInSite, the next generation of map-based geodemographic marketing tools

Toronto, ON – August 23, 2011 – RSI Research Solutions, a leading provider of consumer analytics for North America today announced the launch of MapInSite™ a highly intuitive map-based software tool for market and real estate analysts that delivers a wide variety of data options.

MapInSite™ is a vital decision support tool for marketers and real estate professionals in advertising, retail, restaurant, real estate and financial services. It is designed specifically to provide analysts and marketers insight into their location specific market research activities quickly and easily. MapInSite™ is essential for analyzing the relationship between retail/service locations and market trade area demographic characteristics.

In addition, MapInSite™ is built on the Alteryx® platform, which provides geodemographic reporting and retrieval capabilities. Easily switch between the map-based interface of MapInSite™ to the robust agile business intelligence of Alteryx.

“The speed of Alteryx, a thousand times faster at spatial analytics than traditional GIS technology, and the fact that Alteryx is data agnostic, delivering and supporting any data-segmentation, population, industry-specific, or whatever is required, makes this match-up a big win-win for users,” said Dean Stoecker, Alteryx, Inc., chairman and CEO.

“By combining the power of the Alteryx® platform with the ability to choose from a wide range of data providers, we believe MapInSite™ will not only appeal to those looking for a robust GIS tool, but also to those looking for choice in the data they use for their analysis,” Don Penfold, President and CEO of RSI. “Reports and maps have never been easier to generate, all while introducing your own proprietary information in a safe, secure desktop environment.”

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the MapInSite™ interface presents the user with all the necessary trade area development tools visually in one tab. Report and map generation take place in the second tab in a well defined intuitive manner. MapInSite™ is purpose built to streamline the process of market and site evaluation.

To learn more about MapInSite™ and to view a video introduction, visit

About RSI Research Solutions Inc.

RSI Research Solutions Inc. ( is one of North America’s fastest growing consumer analytics companies. With access to numerous data sources and software options, RSI helps companies choose the best data and market analysis tools for their business needs. Since 2002, RSI has been providing results driven services to many of North America’s top companies.

About Alteryx

Solving business problems for nearly a quarter-million users worldwide, Alteryx is driving the global revolution in Agile Business Intelligence with analytics by empowering business leaders with insight and results. Through smart, extensible solutions from the desktop to the cloud, the Alteryx software platform delivers the fastest, most comprehensive consumer, business and market insights to the Fortune 500, mid-market companies, government and academia. Alteryx desktop, enterprise server, and cloud solutions integrate spatial intelligence into enterprise workflows, seamlessly scaled across local, regional and global markets. Inspiring ingenuity since 1997, Alteryx, Inc., is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., with its Technology Center in Boulder, Colo. For more information please visit