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Alteryx Powers U.S. Census Data Analysis

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Irvine, CA - August 27, 2012 - Alteryx, Inc., the leading provider of Strategic Analytics software, today announced that the company will play a leading role in the continued evolution of Humanizing Big Data through their ongoing relationship with the U.S. Census Bureau. This month, the U.S. Government will distribute U.S. Census 2010 SF1 and SF2 Data Sets online and via a CD that includes a component of the Alteryx Strategic Analytics platform as a part of the 2010 Census Data Engine.

Spanning a relationship of more than a decade, Alteryx was selected as the sole provider of software and analytic content used by the U.S. Census Bureau to help business users make informed decisions with census data and easily retrieve, report, or output the information they need. The Census data, along with the full Alteryx platform provides data analysts with the speed, simple interface and robust capabilities for searching, analyzing and reporting to enable users to make better informed, business decisions.

Since 1790, the U.S. Census Bureau has conducted a decennial census of every U.S. citizen, analyzing the data to better understand the make-up of our population. More than 200 years later, Data Artisans are helping enterprises make more strategic decisions by leveraging the demographic Census information alongside other internal and external content.

"U.S. businesses need easy access to Census data to support strategic decision-making in order to drive better marketing operations, real estate decisions, competitive content analysis and other critical daily business functions," said Dean Stoecker, chairman and chief executive officer, Alteryx. "This is the epitome of Humanizing Big Data - putting the data in context to help today's business analysts understand the population, along with other key data sets to create new business opportunities. Alteryx looks forward to our continued relationship with the U.S. Census Bureau to help drive this innovation."

The complete Alteryx Strategic Analytics platform includes U.S. Census 2010 Data, mixed with other valuable data such as demographic, firmographic and spatial information to provide better insight to make more informed strategic business decisions. Through the download of Alteryx Strategic Analytics, businesses can upgrade from the Census Data Engine to the full performance analytics tool, enabling:

  • Integration of company data with Census information to better locate market opportunities
  • Production of sophisticated charts, maps, reports, databases, and more
  • Development of analytic apps that support specific uses cases for industries including retail, restaurants, real estate, telecommunications, healthcare, and insurance
  • Conversion analysis into apps for others to consumer with Alteryx's unique cloud platform
  • Incorporating powerful predictive and spatial modeling functions that turn routine demographics and geography into powerful answers that support strategic decisions

No other solution matches the data compression, spatial analysis, firmographic and demographic insight or American household detail that Alteryx provides.


About Alteryx

Alteryx provides indispensable analytic solutions for enterprise companies making critical decisions about how to expand and grow. Our product, Alteryx Strategic Analytics, is an Agile BI and analytics solution designed for Data Artisans and business leaders that brings together the market knowledge, location insight, and business intelligence today's organizations require. For more than a decade, Alteryx has enabled strategic planning executives to identify and seize market opportunities, outsmart their competitors, and drive more revenue. Customers like Experian Marketing Services and McDonald's rely on Alteryx daily for their most important decisions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, and with offices in Boulder and Silicon Valley, Alteryx empowers 250+ customers and 200,000+ users worldwide. Get inspired today at or call 1-888-836-4274.