Data Scientists Not Required: New Alteryx Release Puts Predictive and Customer Analytics in the Hands of Every Analyst

Alteryx Solves the Most Pressing Analytics Challenges in Hours Instead of Weeks; Blends New Sources of Customer Insight Such as Social Media, Google Analytics, and Marketo with Data from Legacy Environments Such as SAS Analytics

Irvine, Calif. – April 24, 2014 – Alteryx, the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, today announced Alteryx Analytics 9.0 which puts the power of predictive and customer analytics into the hands of every analyst with the new version of the Alteryx analytics platform released today. With the introduction of easy access to and blending of all major and emerging sources of customer insight – from social sources to marketing automation to emerging customer data stores like Amazon Redshift – Alteryx is empowering deeper business insights that can be achieved without the need to code and without the need for data scientists.

Alteryx Analytics 9.0 helps yield valuable data insights for organizations and analysts across all industries. “Through user-centric design and the most scalable analytics platform, Alteryx destroys the barrier for the non-PhDs to make data-driven decisions,” said George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx. “We’re delivering a high fidelity experience to blend data and build advanced analytic models without being a programmer. Alteryx is the software instrument of change for all analytical leaders from the back office to the boardroom.”

New Sources of Customer Insights Fuel the Decision-Making Process
Over the past five years, the amount of customer insight data available to organizations has grown rapidly and with no signs of slowing down. These disparate datasets contain a wealth of information that can be leveraged to drive customer-focused decision. However, very few tools that are usable by analysts have kept pace with the expanding range of data, let alone provided the ability to blend varied data together to perform spatial and predictive analytics tasks. Alteryx uniquely meets these requirements by delivering insight from the major and emerging repositories of customer insight information, including the following new sources added in the 9.0 release:

  • Social media data feeds from DataSift – With DataSift and GNIP support, Alteryx allows analysts to bring these new sources of insight into any analytical workflow.
  • Sales and marketing data from Google Analytics and Marketo – Building on the existing integration Alteryx empowers analysts to blend data from across the full sales and marketing lifecycle.
  • Emerging customer-data centric enterprise-scale data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Pivotal, Greenplum and HP Vertica – Alteryx provides for simple integration of these data sources without long IT work cycles in order to deliver a complete picture of customer engagement.

Unchain Data That is Isolated in Legacy SAS Analytics Files
Many organizations have invested millions of hours in creating data in proprietary SAS files, inadvertently locking away the value of this data from their broader analyst community. Via a new connector in Alteryx 9.0, this data can now be rapidly and easily blended with data from multiple sources. Additionally, Alteryx can now write back to SAS files, providing organizations with a faster and simpler way to create datasets for use in SAS analytical models. This process eliminates the need for multiple tools and consulting engagements to blend the necessary data set, while expediting analysis and subsequent decision-making through a more affordable and easy to use platform. These read/write capabilities are also available for IBM SPSS files.

A More Scalable Platform to Support Every Analytic Need and to Empower More Analysts
Alteryx Analytics 9.0 delivers an easy-to-use and ultra-scalable platform for predictive analytics, as well as a new server solution and a simpler creation of analytic apps that can handle the most sophisticated, enterprise-class requirements. Alteryx leads the industry by empowering analysts in line-of-business groups to easily manipulate data with over 30 drag-and-drop predictive analytics tools based on the R language. The newest Alteryx release provides capabilities to scale the volume of data that can be analyzed using these R-based tools, making it even simpler to create analytic apps through a consumer-friendly UI for on and off premise cloud deployments. New capabilities include:

  • Integration of the Revolution Analytics platform platform to simplify and scale predictive analytics beyond the memory limitations of R
  • Simpler creation of analytic apps through an intuitive UI design built directly into the Alteryx workflow
  • New on-premise server solution that unifies the user experience for analytic app consumers across the server and Alteryx Analytics Gallery ( Apps can be published to either environment with a single click

“Alteryx has been able to handle the scale and diversity of the data and enhance our analytics efficiently and effectively. As a result, Alteryx is helping Experian Marketing Services continuously improve the quality and value of its commercial services,” said Todd Rudie, Vice President of Data Development and Delivery for Experian.

Also as announced earlier, Alteryx and Qlik, a leader in user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), have created a partnership to put more powerful analytics into the hands of data analysts and business users by integrating their products through leveraging predictive analytics from Alteryx, and then outputting directly into Qlik’s searchable discovery platform. This integration is now completed as part of the Alteryx Analytics 9.0 availability.

Product Availability
Alteryx Analytics 9.0 is available for customers to download today. A 14-day trial is available at

About Alteryx, Inc.

Alteryx is the leader in data blending and advanced analytics software. Alteryx Analytics provides analysts with an intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics that leads to deeper insights in hours, not the weeks typical of traditional approaches. Analysts love the Alteryx analytics platform because they can deliver deeper insights by seamlessly blending internal, third party, and cloud data, and then analyze it using spatial and predictive drag-and-drop tools. This is all done in a single workflow, with no programming required. More than 400 customers, including Experian, Kaiser, Ford, and McDonald’s, and 200,000+ users worldwide rely on Alteryx daily. Visit or call 1-888-836-4274. Alteryx is a registered trademark of Alteryx, Inc.

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