Alteryx Makes Predictive Analytics Easier with New Predictive Analytics Applications in The Cloud

Irvine, Calif., February 25, 2016 – Alteryx, Inc., the leader in self-service data analytics, today announced a new Predictive Analytics District in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery to make predictive analytics more accessible to data analysts through new tools, samples and analytic applications. These new applications enable data analysts with a self-service way to easily engage in predictive analytics. Alteryx trial or licensed users can leverage the pre-built tools, analytic apps and examples by downloading them, and using their own data to create a predictive experience that will yield deeper business insights without the need to write any code.

“As the leader in self-service analytics, Alteryx empowers analysts of all skill levels with the tools they need to easily prep, blend and analyze their data, and then perform predictive, statistical or spatial analytics to quickly get business insights in hours, not weeks,” said Rick Schultz, senior vice president of marketing at Alteryx. “The Predictive Analytics District in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery is one way of doing this, by introducing tools and apps based on direct customer requests that are useful to a broader set of users.”

In addition to five new usage samples such as a model comparison or survival analysis samples, Alteryx announced eight new predictive tools as part of the Predictive District. The new tools assist in model diagnostics and comparison, offer the ability to export models created in Alteryx to external scoring engines, and a way to extract estimated coefficients from predictive models and use as an input for other tools or models. The Predictive District provides analysts with additional predictive functionality that can be downloaded and added to the Alteryx Designer toolset, enabling analysts to customize the predictive functionality of their platform.

The Alteryx Analytics Gallery features thousands of analytic apps similar to a mobile app store or other cloud-optimized service. Anyone can sign up for free to view the analytics gallery, then browse and run these sophisticated sample analytic applications created by others. The apps are easily searchable by topic area or organized into sections (or districts) typically by industry. Some applications are even available for downloading, so users can leverage the app and further customize it for their individual needs.

The Alteryx product team and contributors from the Alteryx User Community will continue to add new capabilities to the Predictive District over time to grow the type of examples available to the wider Alteryx Analytics Gallery users. For more information, visit the new Predictive District and view the samples and tools available.

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