Alteryx Launches ‘Alteryx for Good’ at Inspire 2016 Conference

Philanthropic Program Empowers People to Drive Social Change through Data Analytics

SAN DIEGO – Inspire 2016 – June 7, 2016 – Alteryx, Inc., the leader in self-service data analytics, is introducing today at its annual user conference, Inspire 2016, the ‘Alteryx for Good’ program, which will provide Alteryx software as a means to harness the power of self-service data analytics in philanthropic endeavors. Also to be announced tomorrow will be the winners of the Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards, which recognize the outstanding achievements of Alteryx users and promote community philanthropy, through which $100,000 will be divided amongst seven charities.

“At Alteryx, we’re passionate about giving back to worthy social causes,” said Dean Stoecker, CEO of Alteryx, Inc. “With Alteryx for Good we want to enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things by leveraging the Alteryx platform along with the remarkable talent of our employees, partners and customers to drive insights for the causes they desire to support.”

There are three pillars of philanthropy to the Alteryx for Good program: Education, Foundations, and Government.

The Education Pillar: Alteryx has offered grants informally for several years and has established partnerships with many academic institutions. This is now being formalized under Alteryx for Good. By giving students and instructors access to Alteryx software and tools, the program is enabling cognitive learning and contemporary curriculum to efficiently analyze and interpret data for a greater purpose.

For example, Alteryx funded a competitive data challenge at the University of Connecticut where the students used Alteryx software to solve interesting problems with analytically sound methodology. Last year’s winning entry was an analysis of medical adherence, attempting to understand why people choose to adhere to, or abandon, their medical regimen. Data analytics projects such as this make a personal impact in our communities because they illustrate the power of analytics in our daily lives.

The Foundations Pillar: Alteryx for Good concentrates on local and regional 501(c)(3) registered organizations and international organizations with limited annual operating budgets that are resource constrained. Alteryx plans to provide its analytics software to these foundations that are supporting worthy causes to drive social good. Interested parties may request to give an Alteryx license in their name and/or volunteer their time to help use Alteryx for the nonprofit organization. Alteryx is already working with organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and

“PATH is a data-driven organization focused on global health innovation,” said Erik Arnold, PATH CIO. “We are solving big, global problems with data and Alteryx is part of the transformation layer to ensure data quality. We need to move fast and take action to get results and save lives.”

The Government Pillar: Many less developed countries or local governments are unable to fund analytic initiatives and yet could accomplish great things by doing so. These entities would also be eligible to apply to Alteryx for Good to receive Alteryx software.

The Alteryx for Good program will complement partner organization initiatives. For example, Alteryx is already working with Datablick, Slalom Consulting, the Tableau Foundation and PATH on a project to eradicate Malaria in Zambia by 2020.

“Slalom provides pro-bono services for many data-driven community service projects, many of which will see enormous accuracy and efficiency benefits from including Alteryx,” said Nelson Davis, Information Management Solution Principal at Slalom Consulting. “We are very happy to be part of the Alteryx for Good Program and look forward to doing work for worthy causes together.”

As part of the program, Alteryx is also giving its employees additional paid time off (1% of their scheduled work hours) to work on charitable projects in their local communities.

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