User Experience Research at Alteryx


Why participate?

As a part of our user experience research, your voice matters. You’ll have the opportunity to directly influence the future of our product by trying out new features before they’re live and giving us feedback. As a token of our appreciation, you may be eligible to receive a gift card of your choice for completing specified activities.



What will I do?

You’ll try out new features we’re considering or planning to implement. Our ask is for honest feedback — even if it’s negative. We may ask if a specific feature is useful, intuitive, or if you’d use it in your own work. After, we’ll likely send a follow-up survey or set up a short virtual interview. Don’t worry — you can always decline at any time, no strings attached.


Who can participate?

We believe diversity is the key to success and we welcome anyone to participate if they’re at least eighteen years old. Even if you’re not an Alteryx customer or don’t have serious analytics skills, we still want you to participate!



How do I sign up?

You’ll receive an email from our team asking you to fill out a short survey. Once we have your response, we’ll reach out if there’s a task that seems like the right fit. Stay tuned!


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