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Fast data prep, blending and analytics

Automate Manual Work. Experience Drag-and-Drop Data Prep and Analytics.

The secret is out: 44% of your time is zapped every week because of inefficient processes. Alteryx enables you to automate tedious data prep, speed data blending and generate analytic insights in minutes.

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Enrich your analysis for
unique insights

Unlock the “where” component of your data with spatial analytics, and amplify your analysis with embedded datasets, including business data, demographics, psychographics, and more.

Automate the sharing
of insights

Give stakeholders the information they need by automating the delivery of your outcomes to over 70 output sources, including Microsoft Excel, Esri, XML, PDF, SQL, Oracle, and Snowflake. You can even automate your visualization and BI dashboards in Tableau or Qlik.

Ask tougher questions with
advanced analytics

Alteryx makes advanced analytics accessible to every analyst. Repeatable workflows offer self-service analytic capabilities for predictive, prescriptive, and text analytics. You can even create models with drag-and-drop building blocks in a low-code, no-code environment.


Consolidate your data sources into a single platform

With Alteryx, you can connect to your most important data sources, regardless of format, to get insights faster. Alteryx APA™ democratizes data so that you can move onto the work you love — analyzing data and answering questions

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See every step with visual workflows

Finding an error or explaining the results of a complex data process can be challenging with spreadsheets, but Alteryx makes this easy with its visual interface and repeatable workflows.

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Clear the way for analysis

Explore, prep, and blend any dataset with analytic building blocks through a human-centered, self-service platform. Free up your time for more important things like recognizing patterns and responding to questions in real-time with embedded data profiling.

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Embark on a Self-Service Analytics Journey

Get the flexibility, speed, and transparency you need in your analytics environment with the Alteryx APA Platform. See how every step becomes faster and easier with Analytic Process Automation so you can focus on turning data into insights.

Data Wrangling

With Alteryx, data exploration is built into every step of your analytic process in a graphical user interface, complete with visual profiling and insight tools. Alteryx location insights, business insights, and behavioral insights allow you to enrich your analyses with drivetime data, demographic data, and customer profiles. 

Beyond the unmatched volume of data wrangling building blocks, Alteryx also makes it faster and easier than ever before to document, share, and scale your work.

Data Preparation

Easily visualize your data throughout your entire problem-solving and modeling journey with data profiling. You can explore your data in an onboard results grid at any point to make faster decisions about your next step. Automatically generate charts, tables, and reports from any step in your process — even dashboards that non-technical stakeholders can drill into.

Transparency becomes second-nature with analytic workflows that visually display every step in your analysis with customizable annotations — whether you’re using your own code, prebuilt analytic building blocks, or a combination thereof. Plus, dynamic batch reporting is available at a click to automatically create and distribute multiple easily-configurable reports from your analyses.

Data Cleansing

Without data cleansing software, data cleansing becomes tedious and manual, requiring knowledge of a wide variety of statistical methods and techniques.

Alteryx Designer is designed with the significance and specifics of data exploration in mind. Designer includes a whole suite of data cleansing building blocks to help you dedupe your data, detect outliers, and fix structural errors.

With hundreds of analytic building blocks targeted at auto-detection of dirty data, you can make pristine data automatic.

Data Blending

The Alteryx APA Platform provides drag-and-drop building blocks to make data acquisition easy and intuitive. It also provides prebuilt connectors to retrieve data from specific online or cloud data sources, like Google Analytics, MongoDB, Adobe, and Marketo. Alteryx even has an open API for our more advanced users. In short, if you can access the data, you can bring it into Alteryx.  

Alteryx also has an entire category of building blocks specifically designed for blending data. Whether it's a basic join between two or more datasets that contain a common key, replacing values in one dataset with those from another, or even blending data based on geographic relationship, Alteryx APA brings all your data into alignment to reveal deeper insights. 

Data Profiling

Throughout the intuitive interface in Alteryx, you’re met with statistics and metadata to help you make decisions on how to extract the most value from your data.

You can easily view the overall “shape” of your data at once and then drill down into a specific field to pursue any questions. Regardless of your data type, holistic data profiling in Alteryx enables you to view top values and key statistics of your data with powerful charts and tables.

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