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Your mandate: Democratize data and analytics across your organization. Your opportunity: Be a proactive business partner by deploying an APA platform to bring data, processes, and people together.

Transform Your Data Strategy

Business teams and analysts have embraced self-service data preparation and analytic tools for their speed, ease of use, and flexibility. But they need IT to successfully deploy an advanced analytics strategy. Transform your analytics strategy into one that proactively serves the organization, while maintaining a standardized, centrally governed, enterprise-grade analytics infrastructure.

Secure and govern
analytic assets

Stop rogue analytics processes while powering data-driven decisions across the organization by delivering self-service analytics in a secure, central, and governed environment — all without having to add more employees to support new initiatives.

Connect to
your data

Leverage all the data in your organization. Alteryx seamlessly integrates with your existing technology investments and landscape. Empower teams to immediately access data and assets across the Alteryx APA Platform™ to accelerate problem solving and insights.

Scale your

Scale up or out for improved performance with flexible deployment options (on-premises, cloud). Integrate directly into your current identity and user management processes to ensure the right level of access for everyone.


Why APA?

Analytic Process Automation (APA) makes it easy to secure, govern, and scale analytic needs as they change. Add value to your organization, and converge data, processes, and people together through the automation of tedious and complex processes. Empower anyone to unlock predictive and prescriptive insights.

Essential Guide to APA


Data Architecture, Your Way

We’re the experts when it comes to APA, but no one knows your data processes better than you. Leverage your existing tech stack with Alteryx to uncover more insights.


Alteryx + AWS speeds analytics and data science by providing your organization with an APA platform that unifies data prep and blending, analytics, code-free data science, and process automation on AWS. Alteryx seamlessly integrates with Athena, Redshift, and Aurora, providing business users and analysts with a self-service environment. Empower teams to deliver quick business wins in hours by shortening time to insight and driving outcomes directly into applications and to stakeholders. Get started with the guide for Alteryx + AWS.


The powerful combination of Alteryx + Microsoft speeds up analytics and data science. Both line-of-business and technical users leveraging Microsoft data sources and applications, as well as other internal and third-party data sources, can easily automate and optimize analytic processes. Over 260 automation building blocks help you deliver faster outcomes using Microsoft products, including Azure services, Excel, SQL Server, and Power BI. Start now with the guide for Alteryx on Azure and see why Alteryx and Microsoft are a winning combination.


Alteryx provides seamless integration with Tableau, forming a complete analytics solution where Tableau visualizes insights from the Alteryx APA Platform. Alteryx includes over 260 automation building blocks that analysts and citizen data scientists can use to quickly prepare, blend, and enrich data with third-party data sets, as well as build deeper insights through geospatial, statistical, and predictive analytics. When finished, anyone can publish results to Tableau dashboards with one-click — automating and accelerating insights for end users to drive business outcomes. Learn more about Alteryx + Tableau.


Snowflake and Alteryx integrate to make analytics fundamentally easier. With Snowflake serving as the scalable cloud data foundation for the Alteryx APA Platform™, the combined solution unifies an elastic and secure data warehouse and data lake. Merge data preparation, analytics, code-free data science, process automation, autoML, and AI into a single user experience. Check out this report by Radiant Group to see how the combination of Alteryx + Snowflake helps organizations accelerate their analytics.

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