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Build resilience, increase the top and bottom line, and take on any business challenge with data science and analytics

Fast Insights. Successful Outcomes.

Bringing together your data, processes, and people with Alteryx gives your team an analytic foundation that streamlines repetitive and complex processes to quickly deliver insights and value. It’s easy for anyone to start and use. Over 6,700 companies globally have chosen Alteryx for analytics automation.

Democratize analytics

A unified, platform-first approach to analytics brings your data together and fosters a collaborative environment. With the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform™, you can lower the barriers to data access and automate more.

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Streamline data processes

Turn decisions into fast ROI with processes built for the enterprise. Unify processes and shrink your time to prep and analyze data from months to minutes. With accessible insights readily available, you can make informed decisions, faster.

Building an Enterprise Analytics Competency

Empower your people

Understanding data is no longer the responsibility of one role, one team, or one department. With APA, anyone on your team can understand data, deliver quick wins, and continue their analytics growth, learning, and upskilling.

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Why APA?

By 2020, insights-driven businesses will have taken $1.2 trillion from their less-informed peers.  The Alteryx APA Platform™ enables organizations to upskill their workforce, develop a data-driven culture, and drive future decisions using insights. Increase growth and move your organization forward with information you can trust. 

Alter Your Outcomes with Alteryx

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Analytics, Across Your Organization

Deploy APA across your organization to bring your data, processes, and people together. Give your teams the ability to create, share, and uplevel their analytics across functional areas.

APA Use Cases

Financial Analytics

Alteryx helps users across the Tax, Audit, and Finance offices to significantly reduce the time and effort spent manually gathering data and reconciling business and legal entities, along with generating their internal and regulatory reporting. Shift your team’s efforts from spreadsheet-driven data manipulation to repeatable, collaborative analysis and insight. Incorporate advanced analytics modeling and forecasting to give quicker responses to executives, auditors, and regulators.

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Customer Analytics

Level up your customer analytics by bringing together customer data from all channels and systems in a repeatable, automated analytic workflow. Easily enrich your own data with integrated demographic, firmographic, segmentation, and geo‐spatial data for a 360‐degree view of your customer.

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Analytic Process Automation is already producing immediate cost savings, increasing efficiencies, shrinking delivery times, and giving organizations the ability to proactively predict and manage volatility. With the right analytics strategy and data, you can empower your supply chains for success, both in times of financial stability and economic downturns.

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