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For Nonprofits

Tap into data science and analytics to accelerate your nonprofit’s mission.

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Accelerate the Mission of Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits are using our technology to make better data-driven decisions as part of the Alteryx for Good program. Now, you can put powerful, easy-to-use analytics in front of your team. Smaller nonprofits receive donated Alteryx For Good licenses and more established organizations can obtain a license at a reduced cost.

No matter the size of your organization, you can plug into the Alteryx for Good Co-Lab, stocked with volunteer experts who share your passion for doing good, and stand ready to help you turn your nonprofit’s vision into reality.

Five Ways To Power Up Your Nonprofit With Analytics

Dial Up Your Donor Outreach Using Data Science And Analytics

Deploy powerful analytics around prospective donor demographics like financial or geographic segmentation, forecasting fundraising outcomes with predictive analytics, plus modeling and optimization. You can even join your internal data with public data sets like U.S. Census data, to up your donor demographics game.

Unlock More Value From Existing Donors And Members

Analyze membership engagement, renewals, and even identify opportunities and patterns for effective membership product cross-sell, like shifting from one-time gifts to recurring donations, or where and whom to target for corporate or service-based programs.

Wow Your Grantors And Major Donors With Analytics

Your constituents and funders want to know that your programs are effective, improve lives, and remain in line with your nonprofit’s charter. Alteryx enables you to rapidly pull together multiple data sources to quickly provide metrics and reports about program outcomes like effectiveness, quality, and cost-to-revenue ratios.

Make Informed Decisions On Expenses And Budget Allocation

Traditional financial reports don’t cut it. You need to link financial performance with operational performance in order to see what investments have a positive or subpar impact on program outcomes. Then you can allocate expenses more effectively to maximize use of funds. We help you link your financial and operational data together across systems to understand investments that are working and driving outcomes, as well as where to improve.

Optimize Staffing And Volunteer Resources

Your volunteers are a valuable resource. Dashboards and reports can show them the impact they’re making and drive their engagement. Demographic analytics can provide powerful tools to improve volunteer conversion, and spatial analytics can ensure volunteers are matched with the right programs and opportunities.

Powerful Data Science And Analytics Capabilities Is Within Reach

U.S. 501(c)3 organizations and foundations, or international tax-exempt nonprofit organizations with proof of registration, can apply for the Alteryx for Good program:

  • Organizations with income less than $10 million get a donated, Alteryx Designer license from Alteryx for Good

Need More Help? AFG Volunteers Want To Help You.

Every Alteryx for Good license recipient can access our Alteryx for Good Co-Lab volunteers. AFG Co-Lab is a group of Alteryx experts who have a passion for using analytics for good and want to volunteer their time to help you.

We also have resources on the Alteryx Community, including pre-built analytics templates and workflows.

“With Alteryx workflows, we can show the community what is needed where, and how people can help in their communities.”

―Ann Hartman, Director, Connect2Help 211

“We use Alteryx to analyze our donor data to increase our online and mail donations and to analyze our client data to improve the services and resources we provide to the homeless and low-income families and individuals we serve.”

―Pathways of Hope

If you have questions about Alteryx for Good, our team can help. Please contact us at [email protected], and we will be in touch with you soon.

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