Gaining Insight on Future Behaviors

Advanced Analytics

Traditional analytical tools comprise basic business intelligence and examine historical data. However, analysts today are in need of advanced analytics that can also focus on predicting the likelihood of future events and behaviors. This is particularly true for analysts in the line of business who work closely with data scientist and are being asked to deliver more insight to drive decisions. Alteryx helps bring the power of advanced analytics directly into the hands of analysts without having to know programming or complex scripts, yet is flexible enough for data scientist to implement their own customer R scripts.

Alteryx delivers a workflow that lets organizations easily implement advanced analytics through:

  • Prepackaged predictive, statistical and spatial tools
  • Flexible environment to fit the needs of data analysts and data scientists
  • Analytic apps that give advanced analytic insights to decisions makers with just a few clicks

Advanced analytics doesn't have to be such a challenge. Alteryx can help. Download the free Alteryx trial today.