Advanced Analytics Techniques

Clean Your Data Faster for Tableau with AlteryxThe explosion of data has dramatically impacted organizations of all industries, and in particular, analysts in the line of business. These analysts are being asked to incorporate advanced analytic techniques to help drive business results in areas such as customer retention, cross-sell up-sell, sales forecasting and assortment planning. However, most advanced analytic tools are geared towards data scientists or statisticians. Alteryx, helps overcome these challenges by making advanced analytics more accessible to business analysts as well as data scientists.

Alteryx does this with:

  • Self-service analytics through a repeatable workflow
  • Simple tools for data preparation and blending of various sources of data
  • 60+ different pre-built techniques for statistical, predictive and spatial analysis
  • A flexible environment to incorporate custom R scripts or execute models from R, SAS or SPSS

Alteryx realizes the need for advanced analytics in the face of the rapidly changing data landscape. Tap into that power today and download the free trial.

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