Intuitive Tools on a Single Platform

Advanced Analytics Tools

Data analytics is not the same anymore. With the influx of data, organizations struggle with legacy tools that can't handle the new demands from the business. Traditional advanced analytic tools are built for statisticians and data scientists, leaving the business to fend for themselves or rely on scarce and overloaded resources. Alteryx takes a different approach to advanced analytics, by making it accessible to users of all levels.

Alteryx delivers advanced analytics tools to:

  • Easily prepare, blend and analyze all data in a code-free environment
  • Incorporate statistical, predictive and spatial analysis through drag and drop tools
  • Encompass existing scripts or predictive models from programs like SPSS, R, or SAS
  • Simplify data preparation and analytic execution through a repeatable workflow

Alteryx helps users across all industries realize the power of advanced analytics. Try Alteryx for yourself by downloading a trial today.