Higher Levels of Control and Visibility 

Agile Business Intelligence & Faster Insights

Many analysts struggle with traditional analytic approaches that are unable to handle the growing number of data sources and structures. But with the right agile Business Intelligence (BI) tool, you're positioned to tap into strategic BI insights faster -- and can quickly put them into action. 

Alteryx delivers agile Business Intelligence directly into hands of today's analyst. Our self-service analytics platform empowers analysts with ownership of the business intelligence process via an intuitive, self-service workflow.

Alteryx's agile business intelligence tool enables analysts to: 

  • Access, clean, blend, and analyze all data -- no coding or IT help
  • Scale and deploy analytics using one agile business intelligence tool
  • Create repeatable workflows that is up to 100X faster 

Alteryx understands the agile Business Intelligence needs of the modern analyst. Read Self-Service Guide to Analytics to learn more.

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