Tap into Deeper Insights -- Faster!

AWS Big Data

Alteryx and Amazon Web Services enable analysts to quickly get deeper insights by delivering self-service analytics, in a scalable, cost-effective data environment. Organizations can store data blended by Alteryx within Amazon Redshift for ad hoc discovery or use Alteryx’s in-database workflows to combine data from Amazon’s cloud with data from other sources.

Alteryx empowers analysts with:

  • Self-service blending of cloud data with any other source of data
  • Fast creation and deployment of prepared data to Amazon Web Services
  • Predictive and spatial analytics to enhance cloud data
  • In-database tools to leverage the processing power of Redshift and limit data movement of large datasets

Organizations are looking for flexible, self-service analytics tools to drive rapid insights. Learn how two different companies use Alteryx, Amazon Web Services and Tableau together to drive insights by downloading "Self-Service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data" today.

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