Converting Customer Analytics into Actionable Insights

Banking Customer Analytics

Analysts may have access to critical financial and customer data, but typically they lack the right tools to analyze the data. Making the most of this data often requires input and help from data scientists or IT to built the right data. This can be a long and often times multi-touch process. The other option of relying on spreadsheets and calculations is too risky in today's data driven enviroment. Alteryx helps by delivering a platform for self-service data analytics that empowers analysts throughout the entire analytics process.

Key Alteryx capabilities for banking customer analytics:

  • Quickly access, prep, and blend financial data from desktops, cloud, databases and more
  • Incorporate advanced analytics to drive financial planning, forecasting, and process improvements
  • Improve regulatory and corporate analysis with a repeatable workflow for end-to-end analysis

Download the report "Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight" and see how Alteryx can help with your customer analytics today.

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