Create Actionable Datasets to Drive Business Processes

Best Data Analytics Software

As an analysts, how do you know what is the best data analytics software for you? Until recently, you may have relied on tools like Microsoft Excel to meet your analytic needs, but as your data has grown, your needs have changed. Working with multiple sources and large amounts of data has become either impossible or time consuming. How do you make the data analytics process easier and faster? Alteryx allows data analysts to create actionable analytic datasets to help deliver results throughout the analytical process. Alteryx empowers analysts to perform data blending and advanced analytics through a workflow that provides:

  • Integration, access, and shaping of various sources and formats of data
  • 60+ tools for spatial and predictive analytics to improve outcomes
  • Output to the leading visualization tools like Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, and Qlik

See how Alteryx is the best data analytics software package to help analysts deliver the deeper business insights organizations require. Download a 14-day trial and get started today.