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Best Predictive Analytics Software

While some organizations have deep visibility into their past, many can't create a strong strategy for future horizons. Predictive analytics allows organizations to take that historical data and help determine future outcomes, but without the proper predictive analytics software, businesses can lack strategic insights.The effect that predictive analytics can have on a business is determined by how widely and how aggressively the business uses it. Specifically, the wider the area to which a company applies predictive analytics, the greater the potential impact. This is why it is critical to choose the best predictive analytics software for your organization.

Alteryx delivers the best predictive analytic software available by delivering:

  • Accessible predictive analytics for users of any skillset - from analysts to data scientists
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop tools, built upon the R framework, eliminates the need for programming and scripting
  • Flexibility in delivering predictive models with Alteryx, R, or existing models in SAS or SPSS

See for yourself how quickly you can start to build predictive models utilizing the Alteryx Designer. Download a 14-day trial today!